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Sphero Announces Acquisition of Colorado-Based Specdrums

the leader in bringing together play and STEAM learning, announced today
its acquisition of Specdrums,
a Boulder-based music tech startup founded in 2016 by Steven Dourmashkin
and Matthew Skeels.

Specdrums offers app-controlled rings worn on a user’s fingers that turn
color into sound with a simple tap. Sphero’s team of developers and
engineers will work alongside the Specdrums founders to develop
additional products that support Sphero’s mission of inspiring the
creators of tomorrow. As a result of this acquisition, Sphero will
launch a second version of the already sold-out Specdrums in late 2018
or early 2019.

“We firmly believe that play is a powerful teacher. With the addition of
Specdrums, we are strengthening the ‘A’ in STEAM in our product
roadmap,” said Paul Berberian, CEO of Sphero. “With Sphero’s
infrastructure and the groundwork that the Specdrums founders have
already completed, we believe there’s a huge opportunity to continue to
inspire curiosity in classrooms and beyond.”

“By partnering with Sphero, Specdrums will be able to reach even more
classrooms and young musicians across the world. We’ll now have some of
the best resources needed to make a strong impact on education,
creativity, and play,” said Specdrums CEO Steven Dourmashkin.

In 2017, Specdrums launched a Kickstarter campaign and shipped its
products to more than 1,900 backers. In total, Specdrums raised nearly
$200,000 in funding through its crowdsourcing campaign.

To sign up for product developments and to be the first to get the new
Specdrums, visit Sphero.com/specdrums
or follow Sphero on Facebook,
or Twitter.

ABOUT SPHERO:Based in Boulder, CO, Sphero fuses physical,
digital, and entertainment experiences to unlock the true potential of
play and inspire tomorrow’s creators. Sphero was founded in 2010 after
completing TechStars Boulder and our products are now available in more
than 80 countries around the world. Sphero has sold more than three
million robots and is currently in 20,000 schools worldwide.
We’re here to rattle cages, ruffle feathers, and reinvent
entertainment…all for the sake of inspiration and creation. It’s time
to defy convention and change the way the world thinks about play.

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