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SpoonRocket Recruits Data Scientist for Business Expansion

SpoonRocket, Data Scientist, Social Media, AppA startup, SpoonRocket, which is engaged in the business of delivering food to residences in select cities, has recently recruited Arif Ali, a data scientist. Mr. Ali’s work will assist the expansion of the company to other metropolises on the US west coast.

Before Ali was recruited, SpoonRocket used to meet its data science requirements with the help of its engineers, who used to work on it part time. Arif Ali is the first data scientist to be hired by the startup.

Importance of data scientists

Anson Tsui, co-founder of SpoonRocket, in an interview emphasized the importance of the position. He said that this stream is vital to win in the business game and maintain the company’s competitive advantage. Mr. Tsui added that, without the guidance of a data scientist, any company in the trade would be driving blind.

SpoonRocket is not the only startup which has hired data scientists in recent times. Many other startups have followed the same path, prominent among which are Yplan and Lyft. Social media companies and startups hire data scientists with differing aims in mind. At an empirical level, the intent is to discover product trends and make changes which can help in producing better outcomes.

Data science, Tsui says, the decision will help SpoonRocket improve its:

  • Growth: The company utilizes data science to analyze customer behavior. The discipline also tracks the order patterns so that the retention rate is increased. The information is also used to drive the user growth.
  • Internal operation: The discipline is used to forecast the demand, the estimated wait time and  routing. It guides the way to drive the company effectively and efficiently.

Tsui had reiterated that SpoonRocket is actually a full-fledged logistic company, which only delivers food. He said that his company uses substantial modern technology to deliver food in a short span of time.


According to Anson Tsui, SpoonRocket is searching for a few places at present, with which the data scientist can help. Ali will help the company to prioritize a few cities from the lot, with the intention of finding a city which will deliver the best result for the business.

SpoonRocket is now looking at Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego and Houston among a number of other cities on the west coast. The company has not decided as to which city it will begin with.