Spotify considered ending Uber partnership amid mounting Scandals

The disparagement of Uber has shown over the past month, one of its most important partners has debated whether to summarize its relationship with the company. Spotify agreed not to partake in a press campaign about a forthcoming update to the Uber app, The Verge. In an inside company-wide email, the company’s head of product advises on discussions the company held about concluding Uber’s API access, which allows riders to regulate to driver’s sound system from their smartphones. “For me, given the views I’ve shared with Uber and the practices that have been on display there recently, even staying on Uber is not a straightforward decision,” wrote Gustav Söderström, Spotify’s head of product. “But it also does not feel right to punish our users by pulling support for the API. I’d rather try to change behavior by participating and showcasing what we believe in. “

Söderström’s email follows a series of mistakes, which comprised of a blockbuster explanation of sexism from a former engineer, an extensively viewed video of CEO Travis Kalanick insulting a driver, and a report about an internal effort to skirt local regulations. The inside dispute at Spotify implies that at least one of Uber’s partners have become suspicious of correlating with a company that has recently been recognized for its scandals as it has its transportation service. Certain early Uber investors have also requested to distance themselves from the company, presumably in part over suspicions that the association would be harmed from future investment prospects.

Uber added Spotify integration in 2014, providing riders the capability to control drivers’ sound systems. Pandora was added an alternate option last September. An app restructure last year removed Spotify and Pandora from the app; That feature is apparently fixed to return in an upcoming update. The music streaming integration is part of Uber’s efforts to get riders to use its app during trips, which will devekop opportunities for the company to sell advertising, among other things. Spotify and Uber failed to comment.

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