Square Baby Launches First Ever Meal System for Babies That Offers 100% Daily Nutrition

Baby™, the first baby food company to offer 100 percent daily
nutrition with the right balance of fruits, veggies, whole grains and
proteins launches today.

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Square Baby’s “Minty Green” Square Meal baby puree. 100% complete. 100% balanced. 100% delicious. (Photo: Square Baby)

Square Baby delivers freshly made purees directly to the doorstep,
offering busy parents a simple solution to ensure their baby gets the
right nutrients at the right stage. No steaming, chopping or blending
necessary, just open, stir and serve.

“When I had my first baby, I went to the grocery store to look for
healthy, balanced meals for my son and was shocked to find a sea of
unbalanced, fruit-heavy purees that consisted mostly of applesauce. As a
registered dietitian with experience in the food industry, I knew the
sugar content alone was far too high for a balanced meal,” said Katie
Thomson, CEO and co-founder. “So, I
set out to create a solution. Square Baby provides parents a
foolproof way to offer complete daily nutrition through truly balanced
meals that are super-delish and include a wide variety of whole foods,
healthy fats, herbs and spices to help develop adventurous little eaters
right from the start.”

Many organic pouches marketed as “healthy” have more sugar than a donut!
Our little ones are growing up on applesauce with a sprinkling of
superfoods, which is unknowingly creating the next generation of sugar

Designed by a team
of registered dietitians and pediatricians, Square Baby introduces
the Square Meal System™, which provides customized meal plans tailored
to your child’s needs and dietary restrictions. Square Meals contain 0-7
grams of sugar (average of 4 grams, all from organic fruit,) while many
competitors come in at 8-16g.

A Balanced Diet as Easy as A, B, C

The Square Meal System makes a customized diet simple, by clearly
identifying the protein source:

Alternating between A, B, and C meals provide the most diverse diet, and
the categories make it easy for families to quickly find vegetarian,
vegan, dairy-free or animal protein-based options. Additionally,
Squarebaby.com helps parents choose meals that have been designed to
offer specific dietary benefits like “Iron + Vitamin C,” “Healthy Fats,”
“Fiber,” “Omega-3’s” or “Herbs and Spices.” And, each meal is completely
balanced on its own. To make it foolproof, the system is completely
interchangeable. So, whether you are vegan and choose only B products,
or are looking for meals with “Extra Greens,” you will be sure to offer
baby all of the recommended fruit, veggie, whole grain and protein
servings they need at each age and stage of development.

100% Balanced Daily Nutrition

“As a pediatrician, each day I get asked questions from parents on how
to keep their babies healthy,” said Dr. Jen Trachtenberg, fellow of the
American Academy of Pediatrics and board-certified pediatrician. “There
is a strong link between diet, growth, cognitive development, sleep and
overall health. The Square Meal System is such a great solution to
ensure parents provide complete, balanced nutrition, right from the
start. And personally, I love the variety of foods and flavors in
addition to saving parents countless hours in the kitchen!”

include an assortment of flavors, textures and superfoods to encourage
the development of an adventurous palate. Chef-vetted recipes range from
single-ingredient Lil Peas and Lil Mango to Square Meals like Beet
Berry, Avocado Greens, Apple Curry Chicken and Spinach Dahl, to keep
inquisitive taste buds eager and interested.

Square Baby delivers meals across California, with plans to expand in
the near future. More information can be found at http://www.squarebaby.com

About Square Baby:

Square Baby is the first baby food company to offer 100 percent daily
nutrition delivered to your door. Rooted in nutrition science, Square
Baby’s team of registered dietitians and pediatricians have developed
the Square Meal System offering customized meal plans for each age and
stage of development so parents can rest assured their baby is receiving
just the right balance of fruits, veggies, whole grains and protein.
Square Baby meals range from smooth, single-ingredient purees for baby’s
first bites to thicker nutritionally balanced purees with a range of
ingredients and adventurous flavors. To learn more about Square Baby,
visit www.squarebaby.com,
‘like’ us on Facebook,
or follow us on YouTube,
and Instagram.

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