St. Luke's University Health Network Utilizes Masimo SafetyNet to Monitor Hospital Patients Diagnosed with COVID-19 | Financial Buzz

St. Luke’s University Health Network Utilizes Masimo SafetyNet to Monitor Hospital Patients Diagnosed with COVID-19

Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) reported that St. Luke’s University Health Network is one of the first institutions to utilize the Masimo SafetyNet to monitor patients in the hospital that have been diagnosed with COVID-19.  Masimo SafetyNet is an innovative, economically scalable cloud-based patient management platform designed to help clinicians care for patients remotely in hospital settings and in non-traditional settings and circumstances.

Aldo Carmona, MD, St. Luke’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Innovation and Chairman of the Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, said, “This technology is game-changing in light of the crush of demand on our hospitals during this COVID-19 pandemic. With this wearable device, we can create temporary, pop-up respiratory monitoring units as needed to meet the changing patient volumes and track employees’ health in their homes if they have been exposed to COVID-19, the flu, or any other serious illness.”

Masimo SafetyNet tracks the blood oxygen saturation and respiration rate of patients.  Masimo SafetyNet has been designed for easy, intuitive use to provide customized, interactive CarePrograms that align with expert guidance on COVID-19.  In addition to COVID-19 CarePrograms, Masimo SafetyNet can be configured for more than 150 other CarePrograms for use with COPD, heart failure, oncology, and other patients.

“Our patients at St. Luke’s have the most sophisticated and reliable respiratory monitoring available anywhere,” Dr. Carmona said. “We know that continuous physiologic monitoring with Masimo’s Patient SafetyNet improves outcomes and saves lives. The ability to extend that capability to patients in non-traditional settings and at home during this crisis with Masimo SafetyNet is transformative. Only through our relationship with Masimo could this have been possible.”

Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo, said, “Masimo is proud to be able to work with St. Luke’s to help protect the health and safety of medical professionals and the patients they serve during this global pandemic.”