Standard Solar and CI Labs Launch Initiative Designed to Help Solar Developers and Self-Developing EPCs Successfully Navigate the Commercial Financing Process

In its continuing efforts to streamline the efficiency of commercial
solar financing for businesses, organizations, municipalities,
educational institutions and other entities, Standard
Solar is teaming with CI
Labs, an industry leader of commercial and industrial underwriting,
engineering and financing analytic platforms, to significantly increase
transaction efficiency for solar projects and provide faster and easier
access to its in-house capital. Click
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As described in Standard Solar’s commercial financing primer “Commercial
Solar Financing – The Definitive Guide,” solar customers face
multiple challenges when it comes to project financing, including
operating in a complicated market where customized solar financing
solutions are increasingly paramount. Download a free copy, click

The CI Labs Platform, when paired with access to Standard Solar’s
capital resources, will give the industry a means to evaluate options
for customers in a more efficient manner and provide faster funding for
projects should the customer decide to move forward.

“Traditionally, the solar project space has been murky in terms of the
ability of finance providers to give solid guidance on the necessary
blend of credit underwriting criteria and independent engineering
requirements for a viable fund portfolio,” explained Shaun Laughlin,
Head of US Strategic Development for Standard Solar. “Our work with CI
Labs will allow us to compress and clarify the process for developers
and increase the velocity of our capital deployment.”

The team from CI Labs has more than 20 years combined solar industry
experience, and Nathan Homan, Co-Founder of CI Labs, helped to create
one of the solar industry’s leading commercial & industrial underwriting
and analytic financing platforms.

“We believe that our industry experience, combined with the leverage of
Standard Solar’s low-cost project finance options, will enable capital
providers, developers and solar investors to close projects with much
greater ease and efficiency,” said Homan.

Standard Solar and CI Labs will be attending Intersolar
2018 this week—to schedule a meeting and/or submit a project for
financing, please contact Travis Tate (travis.tate(at)standardsolar(dot)com,
301-944-5140) to learn more.

About Standard Solar

Standard Solar, Inc. is a leading solar energy company specializing in
the development and financing of solar electric systems nationwide.
Dedicated to making Distributed Generation (DG) solar more accessible to
businesses, institutions, governments and utilities, the company is
forging the path for clean, renewable energy development through turnkey
solutions. With more than 100 megawatts installed, financed and
maintained, Standard Solar is one of the most trusted and respected
solar companies in the US. Owned by Énergir, a leading energy provider
with more than $5.8 billion US in assets, Standard Solar operates
nationally and is headquartered in Rockville, Md. For more information,
please visit

About CI Labs

CI Labs, based in Southern California, enables developers and project
finance companies through its analytics platform to work towards
efficiently evaluating solar project opportunities. Our team’s deep
experience in underwriting, credit assessment, and solar finance assists
in speeding up the sales cycle and allows our customers to focus on
transacting on more projects. The automation of the platform provides an
easy, transparent approach to assess project opportunities while
providing the standardization that is necessary to successfully
transact. For more information, please visit

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