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Stanford University’s Decision to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Stanford, Fossil Fuels, University, DivestmentThe subject of divestment from fossil fuels has been an increasing issue for college campuses throughout the world. With the general population worrying more and more about global warming. On-campus protests, usually led by student activists, are urging their respective boards to divest away from fossil fuels and find other means of investments to maintain operations. This global student-led campaign has been contagious throughout college campuses and has already spread to hundreds of around the world.

The push for divestment experienced a breakthrough this week after Stanford University made the decision to end its investments into coal companies. Stanford University, with their $18.7 billion endowment, is currently the university with the highest net worth to have joined the movement.

This was considered a very prominent event for student divestment activists, hoping that after a high-profile university has joined the fight, it will lead to a domino effect across all campuses, to push their schools to divest away from the fossil fuel industry.

What most activists do not know

The fossil fuel industry continues, to this day, to be one of the most powerful industries on a global basis with some of the world’s most prominent figures backing these companies. The decisions made by university board members and decision-makers to not divest mostly stems from the fact that they are afraid to challenge such a powerful entity and NOT from their ignorance or knowledge.

If the dominoes do fall into place, the fossil fuel industry stands to lose billions of dollars of funding from university institutions.

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