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Start-ups Flourish with Increased Profits

TapSense, Mobile MarketingIt seems to have been a great start to the year for start-up companies. While TapSense, a San Francisco based Mobile Marketing Company recently reported revenue growth by 300 percent in a month, Playbasis, a Thailand-based gamification startup has raised $770,000 in seed funding from Ardent Capital, 500 Startups and Axis Capital (NYSE: AXS)

Good year for TapSense

TapSense CEO, Ash Kumar recently made an announcement that the company’s revenue grew by 300 percent in January compared to December last year. This was credited to some smart and well-timed moves by the company, including the launch of certain products. A private real-time bidding marketplace was also launched by TapSense, allowing advertisers to bid on publishers’ slots for various kinds of ads.

The precise revenue figures of TapSense were not revealed by Kumar, but he was happy that the year had taken off well for the entire mobile marketing sector. He noted that for the first time, big brands were showing interest in the mobile sector after having spent a lot in TV and the digital sectors. TapSense’s list of customers include names like Fab, Ebay and Amazon.

Playbasis and Gamification

Playbasis on the other hand is a company that uses cool rewards and social games to engage their customers and employees. It plans to use the capital raised for expansion purposes in Asia this year. Robert Zepeda, founder of Playbasis was quoted saying that “Gamification is not really a fad”, adding that the lines between entertainment and productivity software will only continue to become less distinct in the future. Playbasis aspires to combine big data insights with machine-learning algorithms to become a part of the user’s social CRM and engagement budget.

Enterprises in South Asia seem to be showing increased interest in the Gamification sector. India is one such country which is increasingly adapting to new technologies such as smart phones. The creative use of apps is being initiated by several Indian Banks and employers like Tata, who are looking at combining game elements with serious enterprise applications.

Zepeda is of the opinion that they are able to deliver greater value over a period of time when a company works with them for a long duration. They have the tools and ability to collect huge amount of data and offer a social CRM tool to their customers as well. It has definitely been a profitable start to the year for companies like TapSense and Playbasis who are hoping to see even better results as the year progresses.