Start-Ups Inspired by IoT

A large number of household technologies now connect to the web. These range from refrigerators to alarm systems to watches and even clothing. It is estimated that by 2020, about 20 billion items (and counting) will be included under Internet of Things or IoT.

It is a large number. No wonder entrepreneurs are very much interested. In fact, the IoT has given birth to a new startup niche. It is also transforming home security industry wherever it is present.

Transforming home security by Internet of Things

The IoT has expanded the market list of home security products. These include smart locks, garage doors, radios, and lights. Remotely operated cameras are also included. These devices can be operated through a smartphone, the sensors function like ears and eyes. The list of sensory category products includes Cocoon and iSensor HD. The Cocoon uses a one of a kind sound technology to monitor home activity. Regular goings and comings are also tracked. Any unusual activity is tracked. The iSensor HD has WiFi enabled cameras which pan 180 degrees. These can be operated without any kind of mobile device.

‘Nest’ is another product of this kind. It links smoke alarms and thermostats to monitor the internal environment of any home. It searches for threats to safety. The Point device listens for any potentially suspect sounds within a home. If it senses a threat, like breaking doors, real-time alerts get triggered. Experts believe that such innovations are only the start of the IoT market.

Home security

The invention of Internet of Things has made possible a number of ‘not seen before’ home security inventions. However, this is not the only reason entrepreneurs have gravitated towards IoT-inspired security. This brand new startup niche has seen cash due to a number of factors.

Technology firms smell profit

At one time, home security solutions were provided by home security companies. The IoT changed it. A number of technology start-ups have identified a number of opportunities to expand their applications and technology for the home security market. This has led to the emergence of the point solutions. The homeowners adopt a la carte approach to home security solutions. To give an example, the alarm can be purchased from one company and the camera from another company. A startup can specialize or be diverse. The market for both exists. Integrated applications also emerge for better user friendliness.

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