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States embrace for Impact as Governor of Florida announces Evacuation

Gov. of Florida Rick Scott issued an evacuation of the 1.5 million people. The storm has been upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane with winds over 140 miles per hour. Rick Scott has been urgently pleading residents on the east coast of Florida to evacuate as Hurricane Matthew closes in. “There are no excuses,” Mr. Scott said in Tallahassee, the state capital. “You need to leave. Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate.” Tolls were suspended on the Florida turnpike and routes alike.

Georgia prepares for worst

Gov. of Georgia Nathan Deal declared emergencies in 24 inland counties. “I urge Georgians in the affected areas to remain calm, be prepared and make informed, responsible decisions as we continue to monitor Hurricane Matthew’s path,” Mr. Deal said in a statement. Although the current path of the hurricane will not land in Georgia, a slight change could change its 37 year streak of being hurricane free (category 3 or higher). The National Hurricane Center placed the entire Georgia coast under hurricane watch/warning.

Evacuation of residents in Charleston South Carolina began Wednesday 3p.m. as residents were preparing for Hurricane Matthew’s arrival. As of today, over 200,000 people were evacuated with aid of over 2,000 National Guard soldiers. Two days after Hurricane Matthew ripped across Haiti reports from the government said that there were 23 fatalities from the hurricane.