Steve Ballmer doesn’t want to Politicize his Federal Data Project

Speaking of what might be one of his most highly anticipated and gigantic government data projects in the recent times, Steve Ballmer recently clarified that he doesn’t wish to politicize his undertaking. At a recent interaction with two journalists namely Kurt Wagner and Kara Swisher Conference of Recode, Ballmer elucidated his intentions regarding his mammoth project called USAFacts at the annual Code Conference of Recode.

No political Motivation

Speaking of the database that he has been working with for a couple of years now, Ballmer said that he is not a partisan to create a political implication of the USA Facts and that he is interested solely in the facts themselves. Ballmer during his interview at the annual conference displayed a comparative analysis of the family income and taxes in the US households in the years 2000 and 2015 on his personal Microsoft Surface tablet.

Ballmer further added that the primary aim behind the project is not to create a division of classes and take sides with the more influential but to make accurate data available to all the citizens of the country in a way that the government is not being able to provide. Speaking of which, Ballmer discussed the database and pointed out that after analyzing it while some people might feel that only 1% of the population is making a 24% contribution towards the country’s taxes, the others might think that the middle class is not getting its fair share. So, he doesn’t really wish to fool around with the numbers, but simply draw a clear picture of where the country is heading.

With a glorious professional history of serving the longest tenure as the Chief Executive Officer in Microsoft and currently holding the ownership of the Clippers basketball team in Los Angeles, Ballmer first unveiled the idea of his ambitious database project to the public earlier in April this year. In an interview with the New York Times, Ballmer revealed that he had been working with the country’s most celebrated economists, academics and other experts for the past three years and that he desired to keep his project separate form any political agendas.

Further emphasizing on his intentions at the Recode conference, Ballmer strongly put fourth his primary agenda behind working on such as project. He highlighted the need for our future generation to get a clear picture of the economic history of their parents and progress thereon.

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