Storbyte Debuts First Active On-Line Hard Disk Storage System to Combat the Cost of Tape on a Shelf

Storage hardware and flash drive developer Storbyte
today introduced its SBJ series of hardware-defined storage solutions
that offer the industry’s first and only 100 percent zero power,
near-line/archive, tape on a shelf alternative, offering organizations a
purpose-built solution delivering a verifiable data validation and
protection plan capability that tape just cannot provide.

Storbyte’s new SBJ 4:96 is the only system that manages 100 percent zero
power to an individual drive, individual drawer or dataset transparent
to the host. Featuring 96 spinning disks in a 4U enclosure, the
enterprise-class active archive, permanent true disk library offers
1,344TB of raw capacity complete with a full complement of featured data
services. The question is not “was the data written”, “is the data
still there” is the only question we really need to know. With
Active-Audit™ functionality, the SBJ series allows organizations to
complete a user definable, recurring 100 percent total archive,
background, data integrity audit to guarantee total data integrity.

“For years, we’ve debated disk vs. tape when it comes to the best medium
for backup and archive,” said Diamond Lauffin, Chief Evangelist and
Design Architect for Storbyte. “While some disk enclosures enable ‘spin
down’ modes, they still maintain multiple volts of power to every single
disk, making them less efficient than tape on a shelf. Without argument
this has been a benefit win for tape. With our SBJ series, you can now
completely power down your drives while maintaining host/drive
connectivity to achieve the first active on-line disk system that
provides a Zero Power alternative equal to tape on a shelf.”

But the real benefit of our feature set is the ability to responsibly
approach the question of “is my data still there”. I have personally
architected some of the largest tape installations in the world. The
issue has always been “Do I have enough tape drives to perform a regular
zero impact background data integrity audit while still supporting daily
activity?” The unfortunate answer is based on cost; virtually no tape
system provides this. The SBJ 4:96 provides the ability to now make this
an affordable capability.

The Storbyte Fixed Flex Frame™ hardware chassis boast an original
“true,” future-proof architecture providing an independent component
level scale-up and scale-out, user accessible, standards-based
upgradability model. These industry exclusive systems were designed to
maximize rack space efficiencies while providing 100 percent on-line,
all the time, hot swap redundancy; true enterprise-class availability at
close to white box price points.

In addition to its 96-drive model, the SBJ product family also features
48- and 60-drive advanced storage servers and expansion JBODs and JBOFs
for ultimate flexibility of deployment and cost correct offerings.
Additional information about Storbyte’s full line of JBOD, JBOF and
ECO•FLASH™ offerings is available on our website or by calling
877-2-STORBYTE / 202-505-5320 or via email at

About Storbyte

Storbyte, headquartered in Washington, D.C., manufactures enterprise
storage arrays that offer performance, power management, reliability,
density, efficiency, flexibility and affordability. Storbyte has built a
dramatically different architecture with a patented, abstracted command
and control capability layer over a commodity-based multi-mode direct
chip-access architecture. The company’s founders have dedicated their
lives to solving the toughest IT problems on the planet and have not
lost sight of what is most important to end users: a responsible,
cost-correct price point. Visit
for additional information.

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