Successful Integration at Robins Air Force Base Paves Way for Digital 7

Successful Integration at Robins Air Force Base Paves Way for Digital 7 to Capture Share of Multi-Billion Dollar Market

Digital Info Security Co/Digital 7 Inc (OTC: DGIF) through its wholly owned subsidiary Data Source Inc is strategically placed to solve one of the major issues facing Government and large business alike regarding their legacy data.  Legacy data is degrading and disappearing at a rapid rate and once data is lost it is irretrievable.  Digital 7’s Virtual Tape Storage (VTS) solution has successfully solved this problem at Robins Air Force base, and is now positioned to offer its VTS solution to the market at large.

Robins Air Force Base selected Digital’s VTS solution to perform on-site legacy data archiving and consolidation services. Over the past 16 months, Digital 7 transferred Robins’ magnetic tape libraries and other media to modern file-based storage systems saving Robins data at a significant cost savings over the competition. Digital’s successfully deployment provided not only data preservation but also enhanced access and retrieval not previously available. Current billings to Robins are just over $350,000, which is significantly lower than the previous replacement options.

According to a recent GAO report,, in 2015, the government planned to spend $55 billion on IT operations and maintenance systems. The data for these systems is at risk and Digital 7’s solutions address this growing problem. Timing couldn’t be better, after reports of a meeting led by President Trump with Silicon Valley leaders where they discussed “updating government software systems and improving physical and digital infrastructures” as a means to reduce government waste according to an article written by Mohana Ravidranath staff correspondent with Nextgov dated December 15.

Digital 7 is currently working with over 20 government departments and agencies with plans to provide direct solutions. With the success at Robins AFB, Digital 7 believes it is positioned to capture a large portion of the legacy data needs for the over 800 US military bases. In addition, Digital is in talks with other companies and individuals that are currently servicing government or large company contracts to integrate Digital 7’s solution into their offering.

About Digital 7
Digital Info Security Co/Digital 7 Inc (DGIF) with its acquisition of Data Source Inc (a fully owned subsidiary of DGIF) is a data management company that specializes in Legacy Data and the conversion and management of that Data.

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