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Swarm64 and EDB Partner to Extend EDB Postgres Advanced With Faster Query Performance

Swarm64 (swarm64.com), the leader in database acceleration solutions for the PostgreSQL open source database, today announced a technology partnership with EDB, a leading contributor to PostgreSQL. The partnership will help companies reduce IT costs by using the PostgreSQL database in large-scale reporting and analytic projects such as data warehousing and other query-intensive applications.

“Enterprises spend millions of dollars per year on legacy analytic and data warehouse database platforms like Oracle, Teradata, and others,” said Thomas Richter, CEO of Swarm64. “Faster Postgres query performance, enabled by Swarm64 DA, combined with the enhanced availability, scalability, and flexibility of EDB’s Postgres software and tools, makes it possible for organizations to escape the high costs and lock-in associated with legacy databases.”

EDB certifies Swarm64 DA compatibility with EDB Postgres Advanced.

Swarm64 DA has successfully completed the EDB GlobalConnect Technology Partner certification process for use with EDB Postgres Advanced. Swarm64 DA is an extension to EDB Postgres Advanced that enhances query performance by up to 20x, via:

  • Compressed columnstore indexing
  • Greater parallel processing
  • Faster SQL JOIN algorithms
  • Improved query planning, optimization and execution

Modernizing legacy data warehouses to open source PostgreSQL

Columnstore indexing and other Swarm64 DA acceleration features make PostgreSQL more compatible with analytic (OLAP) and hybrid analytic-transaction processing (HTAP) capabilities of other data warehouse platforms. Combined with EDB database migration tools and support, the joint solution gives customers an easy way to modernize legacy analytics and business intelligence data platforms.

“Demand for fast reporting and analysis of data stored in PostgreSQL is on the rise; people want to get more value out of their data,” said John Murphy, chief product officer of EDB. “This partnership with Swarm64 enables organizations to build high-performing analytic solutions that provide valuable insights to their business.”

Swarm64 DA 5.4 is available for download from Swarm64.com. Documentation on the Swarm64 DA integration with EDB Postgres Advanced integration is also available on Swarm64.com. For licensing and support of EDB Postgres Advanced, go to the EDB plans page.

Additional Resources:

Learn more about Swarm64: www.swarm64.com

Read Swarm64’s blog: swarm64.com/blog/

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Swarm64

Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/swarm64/

About Swarm64

Swarm64 develops extensions to free open source PostgreSQL, one of the most widely used databases in the world. Swarm64 provides the easiest way for businesses to scale PostgreSQL query performance for enterprise systems. Swarm64 has built a world-class team of PostgreSQL database performance innovators, engineering new ways to accelerate PostgreSQL. It is backed by leading venture investors from the US, Norway, and Germany, and has offices in Berlin, Boston, and Palo Alto.

About EDB

PostgreSQL is increasingly the database of choice for organizations looking to boost innovation and accelerate business. EDB’s enterprise-class software extends PostgreSQL, helping our customers get the most out of it both on premises and in the cloud. And our 24×7 global support, professional services, and training help our customers control risk, manage costs, and scale efficiently. With 16 offices worldwide, EDB serves over 5,000 customers, including leading financial services, government, media and communications, and information technology organizations. To learn about PostgreSQL for people, teams, and enterprises, visit EDBpostgres.com.

Learn more about EDB: www.enterprisdedb.com

EDB GlobalConnect Technology Partner: www.enterprisedb.com/resources/partners/swarm64


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