Syria Attacks will Create International Chaos: Putin

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia warned that any further attacks by western forces on Syria will result in international chaos. Both President Putin and his Iranian counterpart, President Rouhani, agreed after a telephonic conversation that western military intervention has effectively destroyed any chances of a political solution in Syria. The latter is in the middle of a civil war for the past seven years. A formal statement by the Kremlin said that such continuation of the violation of UN Charter will surely roll down to political chaos all over the world.

Western attacks

Three Western nations- Britain, United States, and France- launched a total of 105 missiles on April 14 targeting three Syrian targets. The Pentagon claimed that these three were chemical weapons facilities. The Western powers began the offensive in response to an April 7 suspected attack by Syrian Government forces on Douma. They believe that poison gas was used in the attack. Western powers blame the Assad Government for the attack. Damascus, however, has denied that it ever made such an attack. Russia, Syria's ally, supported Assad on this issue.

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, said on April 15 that he convinced the US President Donald Trump to keep American forces in the region. The US President had earlier planned to evacuate military personnel from the region. All three attacking countries, the US, Britain, and France, have said the missile strikes were targeted only towards Syrian infrastructure capabilities for making chemical weapons. They are not being used to intervene in the present civil war or for toppling the Assad regime. The French President said that he convinced Trump to concentrate solely on chemical weapons sites.

Russian help

Faisal Mekdad, the deputy foreign minister of Syria, met OPCW inspectors for approximately three hours in Damascus. OPCW is a chemical weapons watchdog having a global mandate. The meeting had one senior Syrian security person and multiple Russian officers. The minister did not interact with reporters who waited outside the hotel.

If Russian agencies are to be believed, Syrian President Assad was happy with the air-defense systems installed by Moscow. These are antiquated but effective defenses dating back to the Soviet era. Damascus has used these defenses to repulse Western attacks. He had also accepted Moscow's invitation to visit Russia. No date has been selected for this visit. Both Moscow and Tehran have helped Assad to crush any rebel threat to eject him from power.

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