Syrian General Jamil Hassan feels tougher measures would have ended Syrian War

General claim that his side became a victim of propaganda

Syria’s topmost intelligence officer and one of the most influential figures in all of Syria General Jamil Hassan, who still remains a loyal follower of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has revealed in an exclusive interview published by The Independent that he feels that the Syrian War of Revolution would have been over much earlier had the government and the security forces adopted tougher measures to crush the Islamic terrorists and protestors. He feels that a lot of Syrian blood could have been stopped from being spilt.

General Jamil Hassan, the head of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence, had been sanctioned by the EU and the U.S. treasury over allegations of gross violation of human rights during the repression of the Syrian uprising in 2011. He says a false propaganda had been started against the government that led to the war in the first place. Some youngsters, who wanted to see the end of the current regime, had spray-painted slogans that suggested that the people of the country was fed-up with this government and wanted it to end. This allegedly made the secret police use violent force to punish them and the tension escalated into a bloodthirsty war.

He also said that although weapons of mass destruction were being used by the rebels from the very beginning to target and undermine the security apparatus that acts as a glue to hold the Syrian society together, allegations of gross misconduct and use of excessive force were labeled against the security forces and the government. The General also alleged that Western forces and some Arab forces used and abetted the horrendous actions of Islamic fundamentalists like the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow a sovereign government. He also feels that America’s logic of supporting a “moderate opposition” vis-à-vis the ruthless government lacked any merit. He also feels that Israel, the Saudi Royal Family, the Jordan Royal Family and the West were working in cahoots to finish them off. He also felt “astounded” by the amount of force America and the West was using to simply take over a small district like Aleppo and thundered that no one can take over Syria till he is alive.

The rebel should have been crushed just like in Hama

General Jamil Hassan feels that massive force should have been used from the very beginning to end the dissent as was done against the Muslim Brotherhood in Hama in 1982 when they had gone on a rampage against the Ba’ath party members. He also cites the crushing of Chinese student protest movement by the Chinese government at Tiananmen Square in 1989 and feels China wouldn’t have been as potent as it is today had the movement been allowed to grow.

He also said to the reporter in a reassuring tone that he would see that the foreign fighters fighting against his government aren’t executed. He also said that he orders his soldiers to capture the terrorists live as often as possible in order to extract information. He also gives chances to family members of the terrorists to reform.

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