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T-Mobile added YouTube and Google play to its Binge On program

YouTube and Google Play finally agreed to join T-Mobile US Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) `s “Binge On” Program after four months of work.

T-Mobile launched “Binge On” program in order to provide free, lower-quality video streaming for T-Mobile subscribers. When launched in Nov 2015, “Binge on” offered unlimited streaming of Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Sling TV and even DirecTV from AT&T and Go90 from Verizon Communications, except for world’s most popular video site, YouTube.

YouTube denounced in the earlier time that T-Mobile’s Binge On program lowered the quality of videos. Consumer rights organization, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), also claimed that T-Mobile has been throttling Internet speed for all video content on its network, which violates the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC)`s net neutrality rules. Google then refused to participate following its criticism of the unfairly throttling video services.

Face the challenge, T-Mobile has taken effective measures to defense. To in line with FCC regulations, the company stated that any legal video streaming operator is free to join its Binge On network, only if they meet the technical requirements to keep the video quality. Besides, T-Mobile gives the video providers more information and choice about program participation by allowing them to manage the speed and quality of videos. In addition, the carrier has made it easier for customers to turn the service on or off. Changes can take place within minutes after one click from the T-Mobile app or website.

YouTube and Google Play begin to participate in the program as a result of these changes. Now the “Binge On” Program’s offerings add up to over 50 video services. T-Mobile reported in an announcement that its customers are now watching twice as many hours per day, thanks to the launch of “Binge On” program.