Tableau Software Shares Up After New CEO Announced

Shares of Tableau Software Inc (NYSE: DATA) jumped about 10% Tuesday, as the data visualization company announced that a new CEO will be in charge and original founders of the company to step down.

Christian Chabot and Chris Stolt, will no longer have day-to-day leadership responsibilities in the company starting next month. Instead a new CEO will be taking over. His name is Adam Selipsky, and he is an 11-year veteran of Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), most recently as VP of Marketing, Sales, and Support for of Amazon Web Services, or AWS.

The first half of 2016 has been very shaky for the sophisticated data visualization company, as finding new clients has become more difficult in a highly competitive environment.

Selipsky said in a statement. “Tableau has that rare combination of a passionate customer base, leading products, amazingly talented people, dedication to technology innovation, and momentum in the market… As we add capabilities for our customers, deepen our enterprise presence, and expand into the cloud, our mission remains unchanged – to help people see and understand their data.”

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