Taco Bell Introduces New Accessories on One Year Wedding Anniversary

Taco Bell celebrates its one-year wedding anniversary with the launch of all new wedding accessories.

It was just last summer when Taco Bell announced their new menu item, a wedding ceremony. According to their promotional video, customers can “just order it off the menu and you’re served wedding classics with a Taco Bell twist”.

Taco Bell’s wedding services are only offered at the flagship store in Las Vegas, located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, on Harmon Corner. The renovated wedding chapel is located on the second floor of the store. Those seeking the wedding service must first have their marriage license and USD 600. An ordained officiant then becomes available after 4 hours. Custom merchandise such as a sauce packet garter, bowtie and “Just Married” T-Shirts are included as well as Taco Bell branded champagne flutes. The bride will also receive a Sauce Packet bouquet to borrow for the ceremony. Up to 15 guests can attend the ceremony and although the package comes with a Taco 12 Pack and a Cinnabon Delights cake, any other food or alcohol will have to be purchased separately.

The half-hour ceremony will be coordinated by Flora Pop, the first traveling pop up wedding company in the U.S. Flora Pop is based in Las Vegas, which makes sense as it is the destination for eloping, but they also have branches in Atlanta, Denver and Asheville.

In the past year, Taco Bell has “had over 60 couples, averaging more than one per week, tie the knot” according to Marisa Thalberg, Chief Brand Officer of Taco Bell. In addition, they have 25 upcoming ceremonies planned.

With the understanding that getting married at the Las Vegas Taco Bell Cantina is not a viable option for some, despite their fervent love of Taco Bell, Taco Bell has released five wedding accessories for this upcoming wedding season. Included are MR t-shirts and MRS tanks, a sauce packet bowtie, sauce packet garter and a champagne flute set. Each listed comes in at USD 20 with the exception of the champagne flute set which is USD 10 for a set of two. They are available for purchase on the Taco Bell website.

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