Taco Bell to Revamp Restaurants and Serve Booze by 2022

Taco Bell is planning to expand into urban areas with hundreds of new locations by 2022 where new restaurants will not have any drive-thru and will serve booze. 300 to 350 locations are set to be opened in big cities such as New York, Detroit, Pittsburg, and Nashville. The company plans to open 50 new locations in Manhattan since there are only 6 right now. These cantina-style restaurants will feature artwork, digital menu boards, and open kitchens. Beer, sangria, wine, and Twisted Freezes which are slushies containing vodka, tequila, or run will be served.

Currently, there are 6,000 Taco Bell locations nationwide. No drive-thru will be removed from existing locations. This new plan is an expansion of restaurants in urban markets such as Berkely and Southern California that will not have any drive-thru. Currently, the Berkeley cantina features an open kitchen with a menu of shareable items, extended hours, and microbrews. Currently, drive-thru orders account for 55-70% of Taco Bell revenues.

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