Uber Investigates Security Breach

Uber (NYSE: UBER) disclosed that it is investigating a cybersecurity breach amid reports that the company had been hacked. The ride-hailing company’s operations are still down after an alleged 18-year-old hacker was able to access its network. Security experts are describing the incident as “a total compromise” of Uber’s internal systems. [stock_market_widget type=”inline-label” template=”basic9″ color=”orange” …

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Apple Sues NSO Group, Known for Hacking iPhones

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), has filed a lawsuit against NSO Group, an Israeli firm that sells software to government agencies and law enforcement, which allows them to hack iPhones. The malware, called Pegasus, allows the hackers to view messages and other communications within the device. Apple is now seeking a permanent injunction to ban NSO Group …

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