Taliban Scurrying for Next Leader

The Afghan Taliban outfit had suffered a major setback a few days ago after the terrorist outfits leader was killed in a drone attack carried out by the American defense forces. The deadly terrorist outfit was all over the major news scenes across the world. The Obama administration seems to be taking a stronger stance on terrorism, especially during his twilight years as the President of the United States of America. President Obama ordered the secret drone strike which killed the Taliban leader yesterday. The Taliban administration was running itself out of a de facto headquarters in Balochistan, which is a disputed territory in Pakistan.

The conflict

The Taliban had been installed in place by many of the Pakistani security forces in order to curb the revolution by Balochistan for an independent state. The Pakistani establishment was shielding Taliban forces, and the United States of America did not wish to stand for this. American negotiations with the Taliban had included Pakistani delegations for the longest time, however, the efficiency of the Pakistani establishment was criticized. Pakistan was given a deadline of reaching and brokering a peace deal between the Taliban and the United States of America, failing which the United States armed forced went out on an all offensive with drone strikes.

The Taliban were once ardently supported by the United States of America, especially considering the American backing in armaments that the Taliban had received to fight the Russian invasion of Afghanistan a couple of decades ago. The Taliban has lost one of its most influential leaders of all-time. Following the drone strikes on the foreign territory without its approval makes this drone attack one of the first in American history. The drone strikes had obliterated a large part of the Taliban outfit, but for the longest time the details about Akhtar Mansour, the Taliban leader’s whereabouts were unknown.

Future possible foreign policy

The White House finally confirmed the success of the operation and the leaders death yesterday. The Taliban had also issued an official statement early on, denying that the leader was killed in action, however, after a few hours the terror outfit was obliged to acknowledge the death of the leader in the drone attack. The move is an interesting one that may define American foreign policy in the South Asian region for the new President and establishment.

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