Tamr Closes $18 Million Investment to Accelerate Growth & Secure Leadership of the Enterprise Data Unification Market

Inc., the innovator in data unification, today announced that it has
closed an $18 million round of funding that includes participation from
new investors SBI Investment, INTAGE Open Innovation Fund, Samsung
Ventures, Fenox Venture Capital, and Alumni Ventures Group with
additional participation from founding investors NEA and GV, as well as
other existing investors.

The new financing will enable Tamr to continue its rapid growth, which
was most recently demonstrated by its record start to 2018. The
company’s growth is fueled by new urgency in large enterprises to
reinvent how they manage data to accelerate their digital
transformation. The Global 2000 are increasingly turning to Tamr’s
machine-driven, human-guided approach to data unification as a
foundational component of their next generation data management

“Our mission when we founded the company in 2013 was to enable large
enterprises to unify key data to realize maximum strategic and
operational benefit,” said Andy Palmer, co-founder and CEO of Tamr.
“This new financing underscores the strategic importance of that mission
as well as our ability to deliver for our customers. DataOps
— our vision for how enterprises can reinvent the way they manage data
to accelerate digital transformation — is fast becoming a reality and
driving widespread adoption of Tamr’s best-of-breed data unification
solutions. We’re grateful for the support of all of our investors, and
proud to have expanded our investor base with a new group of visionaries
who understand Tamr’s potential to become a pillar of the enterprise
DataOps ecosystem.”

Tamr’s solutions are based on the company’s patented
enterprise data unification software platform. The system was initially
conceived by Turing
Award winner Dr. Michael Stonebraker and his fellow co-inventors who
published their research about the Data
Tamer System for tackling large scale data curation challenges in
early 2013. Tamr was founded shortly after that to commercialize the
research and has become a high-growth company by enabling large
enterprises to tackle previously unsolvable data problems. By applying
machine learning supplemented by human expertise to large-scale data
curation challenges, Tamr’s agile data mastering and classification
solutions are able to break through the limitations of traditional
rules-based data integration approaches inherent in ETL and MDM products.

“Since its inception in 1999, the SBI Group has capitalized on
technology disruptions to create growth opportunities,” said Mr.
Yoshitaka Kitao, representative director, president & CEO of SBI
Holdings, the parent company of SBI Investment. “We have chosen to
invest in Tamr because their innovative application of machine learning
to the long-standing challenges of large-scale data integration has
enormous disruptive potential. The company has already demonstrated that
it can deliver impressive results for customers in several different
industries, and we are excited to partner with them to further
accelerate their growth.”

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About Tamr, Inc.Tamr is the enterprise-scale data
unification company trusted by industry leaders like GE, Toyota, Thomson
Reuters, and GSK. The company’s patented software platform uses machine
learning supplemented with customers’ knowledge to unify and prepare
data across myriad silos to deliver previously unavailable
business-changing insights. With a co-founding team led by Andy Palmer
(founding CEO of Vertica) and Mike Stonebraker (Turing Award winner) and
backed by founding investors NEA and GV, Tamr is transforming how
companies get value from their data.

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