Tech Tools to Make you a More Effective Communicator

Whether you’re a student, a business owner, a freelancer, or just looking for ways to stay in touch with friends and family, there’s a multitude of tech tools out there to assist you. Apps, websites, and chat tools can turn even the most tongue-tied person into a fully connected, organized individual. Here’s a rundown of tools that can help you stay in touch more efficiently.


A simple yet brilliant app, Wunderlist lets you collaborate on tasks with colleagues or partners. Create a shared shopping list with your roommate, or work on a project for your job with colleagues. The basic to-do list format allows you to tick off tasks as they’re completed. This basic task manager automatically syncs across all of your devices, as well as those you share your lists with.


You probably already use services like Skype to communicate with friends, family, and work contacts living all over the world. That’s an example of a VoIP service, or Voice over Internet Protocol. Another tool is a VoLTE service from Nokia Networks or other telecom providers, which transmits your voice data in packets over a super-fast LTE connection. Your calls will be even clearer, without the chance of dropping out if you lose a Wi-Fi connection.


Another task manager on the list, Reverb is simple to use and lets you manage projects with your team. It’s a little bit more involved than Wunderlist, in that you can upload files as well as create to-do lists. Manage tasks and take part in discussions remotely with your team.


Do you have problems with real, live, in-person communication? Try signing into Coursera, which offers thousands of free courses. There are several communications-based courses available, including an Introduction to Public Speaking. This gives you the chance to watch videos, be assessed by peers, and take part in quizzes to boost both your verbal and non-verbal skills in a non-competitive environment.

Co Tweet

Social media is a great communication tool in itself. Are you working with a business team to push your organization forward on social media? Use the Co Tweet tool to publish updates to Twitter and Facebook. You’ll be able to track engagement and work on campaigns as a social media team, rather than having to sign in as an individual for every response.

Google Apps

It may seem obvious, but Google is always ahead of the curve when it comes to any tech trend, and communication is no different. Cloud-based services like Google Drive allow you to share documents, collaborate on files, and store work securely for any project. Google Hangouts is another top tool. You can host an online conference for up to 10 people, or you can engage in more informal chats with your team members or friends. For those who are tired of Skype or looking for a professional chat option, the quality is quite high.

Most of the tools on this list are completely free of charge, particularly in their most basic version. Whether you need to brush up on your verbal skills or stay in touch with colleagues at a distance, you can use these apps and other tools to stay connected.

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