Temporary Ceasefire in Syria

On Monday, after the ceasefire in Syria, the world stood to see how long the peace would last. The ceasefire deal came to a halt to the violence between the Syrian regime and rebel forces. It also allowed much-needed benevolent access to cities such as Aleppo.

According to CNN, John Kerry said while the start of the ceasefire looks good, “it is far too early to draw any definitive conclusions.” But just hours before the ceasefire started, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave a defiant message to the country’s opposition forces, vowing “to retake every piece of land from the terrorists.”

“We have come here to give the message that the Syrian nation is determined to retake every piece of land from the terrorists, and to re-establish safety and security, to reconstruct and rebuild infrastructure and rebuild everything that has been destroyed,” he said in footage broadcast by the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency.

“I think this message needs to directed … to those who bet against Syria in the first days, weeks and months of the crisis and until today,” he said.

He said the message was especially targeted at those who have “supported the terrorists.” Assad’s family has ruled Syria for 45 years. He has often referred to opposition members seeking his ouster as “terrorists.”

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