Tensions Escalate in the North Korean Affair

The face- off between South Korea and North Korea and the resulting tiff between the latter and the U.S. seems to have taken a new direction now with warnings and cautions flying fast. The Rodong Sinmun newspaper, which is the mouth- piece of the ruling faction in North Korea has already been on the news after a mention of a massive strike against the U.S. which will majorly impact a big portion of the land mass. Now, the newspaper has fired yet another salvo at the U.S. with a commentary that stated that the United States aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson,  can be destroyed by them in a 'single strike'.

Trump's statement about 'armada' goes down badly 

This could be viewed as a fall out of the poorly judged statement issued by President Trump about the U.S. sending an 'armada' to North Korea to maintain peace in the region. Later, military officials clarified that, at the point when Mr. Trump was talking about the armada speeding toward North Korea, the carrier in question was actually heading to Australia for training exercises. The statement, as expected, did not go down well in North Korea and the most recent warning of a strike against the Carl Vinson may be seen as a reaction to this as well.

The facts of the battle armada 

The statement about the armada turned out to be false and gave rise to a flurry of opinions all over the world about the U.S.' real intentions. Many, including China, made their opinion felt that it was a deliberate attempt by the president to 'intimidate' North Korea to back- track on its aggressively military stance right now. However, irrespective of what its true intent was, the statement failed spectacularly for the U.S. because it appears to have enraged the North Koreans further and precipitated a show of strength here. A huge military parade and a rocket test that failed were North Korea's responses to the armada statement.

It now appears that the USS Carl Vinson will actually head a battle group that will make its way toward North Korea this week. This follows the president's statement that the U.S. will not have any more patience in dealing with the much smaller nation's nuclear missile threats. North Korea continues to maintain that it will show its military might by taking on the U.S. forces, now namely, the USS Carl Vinson.

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