Tensions sparked off as North Korea’s missiles land near Japan

A lot is happening on the global political scene this week with North Korea upping the ante seemingly and Japan reacting strongly, as was expected. It was early on Monday that the incident happened. North Korea fired off four missiles that landed in the sea very close to Jacana. The missile launch comes on the heels of a caution from the nation that it would retaliate over what it perceives as a preparation for war. The U.S.-South Korea military drill exercise is being viewed as North Korea as a battle preparation.

Not ICBMs, says South Korea

Stepping into the picture, South Korea says that the missiles fired were not Inter- continental ballistic missiles. The ICBMs can target the U.S. and reach American soil but these flew at about a height of 160 miles and travelled some 620 miles, say sources.

South Korea has further said that this would be viewed by them as ‘direct challenge’ to the global community. They have further put on record that Seoul is all set to deploy an anti –missile system from the U.S. This has met with fierce objections from the Chinese front.

Too close for comfort for Japan

For Japan, the missiles were definitely too close for comfort because they landed just 190 miles away from the northwest coast. The Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has responded immediately and strongly with strong protests made to North Korea. Meanwhile there is an expert opinion that the missile launch was only a field exercise. This view came from the editor of the Non-proliferation Review, Joshua Pollack.

North Korea’s stance

As far as North Korea is concerned, they are unhappy about the joint military drills that were conducted by South Korea in conjunction with the U.S. last Wednesday. The drills were a move to evaluate the preparedness of the respective countries in event of attacks. This is not the first time that North Korea has launched missiles after such joint drills and they have categorically stated that the country will continue to test and launch strategic weapons of war in the future also in a bid to maintain readiness.

The nation is nuclear ready and, during the last few of the previous year, it conducted nuclear tests following a lot of activity in its missile programs and nuclear programs. Thanks to the latest missile launch, Japan is mulling over a plan to add more fire power to its ballistic missile defence system.

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