Terves Expands Magnesium Machining Capacity for Machine-To-Print Dissolvable Tools

Inc. (“Terves”)
is pleased to announce that it has added 5 CNC lathes and mills to keep
up with demand for component build-to print services for TervAlloy™
and Elementum™
materials that enables Terves
to offer both rapid prototyping and complete part-production capability.

is primarily a manufacturer of magnesium
alloys and dissolvable materials for the oil and gas industry. Due
to some of the unique characteristics of magnesium,
many of our customers outsource component machining and have long and
uncontrollable lead times for prototype and production jobs. While we
work with a number of local machine shops qualified to handle magnesium,
we wanted to ensure that we not only offer the highest value dissolvable
materials but also cost and delivery-time enhanced machine-to-print
services to delight our customers. We are now a one-stop shop for dissolvable
tool manufacturing – allowing our clients to focus on key areas of
tool design improvements, field operations and customer service. We have
now added several new employees to our team with decades of machining
and manufacturing experience which gives us the ability to handle all
aspects, from raw material production to machining, assembling,
inspection, testing, packaging, and chip (waste) recycling or disposal.
The additional machines expand our capabilities, including live tooling
and 5 axis capabilities that reduce or eliminate the need for complex
tooling, reducing cost and lead times of critical prototype production,”
said Mr. Andrew Sherman, CEO of Terves.

From 2-4 dissolvable
frac plugs being used towards the toe end of a wellbore, to using dissolvable
frac plugs throughout the 30-50+ stages of the wellbore – dissolvable
tools are now transitioning from a nice-to-have to a must-have. In
today’s extended lateral drilling environment, lightweight dissolvable
plugs, dissolvable
balls, and interventionless
tools developed using dissolvable
and reactive materials technologies offered by Terves
can go beyond coiled tubing reach to increase production; potentially
eliminating the need for intermediate casing and liner, reducing water
usage, and simplifying operations. Several companies are now planning
50-100 stages for each well since dissolvable
tools can now eliminate the limitations of coiled tubing reach and
enable 30+% higher production from each well.

With the widest range of dissolvable
metals, polymers
and metal
matrix composites, Terves
is the technology and value leader in the industry. Terves
has a portfolio of 40+ published, pending and provisional patents that
not only cover the lowest-cost
highest-value dissolvable products but also enabling technologies
such as tracers,
delivery in a dissolvable carrier, coatings,
etc. that further augment the value of dissolvable
tooling in the oil and gas industry.

About Terves

is the technology and cost leader in the development, manufacturing and
sale of Engineered
Response™ smart materials for the oil and gas industry. Terves’
materials sense and respond to their local wellbore environment to
“do more”, such as dissolve,
dimensions, generate
force or heat, destroy chemicals or bacteria, bond
together, or solubilize and disperse based on change in time,
temperature, pressure, PH, electrostatic charge, or other change in the
local environment.

is the leading manufacturer of dissolvable
metals and dissolvable
elastomers that are used for making frac
balls, plugs,
and several other components used in oil and gas well completion and
production; and have been used for completing tens of thousands of
stages in North America, Europe, South America, Asia and MENA regions. Terves’
product portfolio also includes highly-engineered
specialty proppants, expandable
materials, acoustic
imaging tools, thermites and structural reactive materials, net-shaped
ceramic-metallic (cermet) nanocomposites, and high
energy density supercapacitors. Terves
is a strong materials science research-based
and product-focused organization that works with oil
and gas majors, operators,
and OEMs
to develop and commercialize compelling technologies, products and
capabilities for critical challenges in oil and gas exploration,
production and completion operations.

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