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Tesla Model 3 Creates Tax Noise

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has been one of the automobile companies that has been alive and well for a few years now. Tesla is one of the new age cars that are available in the United States of America, and with the use of new age technology, they have also heralded in the new form of environment-friendly transport and everyday commute. The Tesla made a grand entry on the global stage a few years ago as being one of the most realistically useable everyday cars that is an answer to the possibility of everyday people able to use their vehicles.

The new Tesla

Until the arrival of Tesla, the electric vehicle models did exist but were far too expensive and cumbersome to be road worthy. Additionally, while most electric cars had the ability to exist in theory and experiment, the logistics and infrastructure needs for an electric vehicle did not exist. On the other hand, Tesla not only innovated in the technology sphere but also brought on board the existence of infrastructure for an everyday driver to be able to effectively use his electric vehicle without getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Tesla had reported record earnings and sales which also made the company founder and CEO, Elon Musk one of the richest people in the world.

Tesla has now launched the Model 3, which is not only environment-friendly, but is also the most affordable environment-friendly car ever made. Additionally, the United States of America federal government has allowed a federal tax rebate of 7,500 dollars to the first 200,000 purchases of the new Tesla Model 3. The tax rebate that is linked through and as part of the environment green and clean energy plan allows this tax rebate to exist. This has helped Tesla in a big way with the launch of the new car.


The Tesla Model 3 has been overbooked by nearly a 100,000 additional cars. The new Tesla Model 3 has already reported advanced bookings of 289,000 vehicle units that haven’t even begun production yet, and will be available only in the year 2017. There is, however, a problem that has risen regarding the rebate that has been allotted to the customers. Apparently, the older Tesla customers will receive a preferential rebate since they have been running environment friendly cars for a longer while, in the meanwhile, new Tesla customers will have to wait in line for the rebate and feed off table scraps, so to speak.