Tesla’s Installs the World’s Largest Battery


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) had a bet to install a 100 megawatt Powerpack in South Australia in just 100 days. Tesla, along with Neoen and Adelaide will join the officially launching of the battery. Musk has now completed that task on Wednesday, according to Mashable.

Regulatory testing for the battery will begin in the next few days for quality assurance that it is fully functioning and meets the requirements of AEMO and the South Australian government.

If Tesla successfully passes testing and receives approval, operations may begin on December 1.

Musk began building the battery back on September 29, but only expected to finish half of the project, instead he had completed the whole project around two months.

The Powerpack aims to provide consistent and sustainable energy for South Australian residents after the massive blackout. Tesla is expecting the battery to power up to 30,000 homes.

"While others are just talking, we are delivering our energy plan, making South Australia more self-sufficient, and providing back up power and more affordable energy for South Australians this summer," said Premier Jay Weatherill in a media statement.

The installation of the battery is impressive, but the bigger problem is that Musk keeps diverting his attention into multiple paths. Last week, Musk had launched the showcase of the Roadster and the electric semi, but the originally showcase was supposed to be in October. Musk had to the postpone it after sending aid to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Mashable estimated the project could have costed Tesla nearly $50 million upfront for the battery Powerpack project, yet Tesla is burning through its cash on hand quickly. Earlier, it was reported that Tesla was spending nearly half a million dollars per hour for its operational expenses.

Although Tesla is committed to creating a better world, the company needs to be able to balance out its production and deployment rates of vehicles, as well as working on its expenses, before it can enter into massive projects such as the battery installation.

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