Tesla Shares Rise after Analyst Reiterate Buy Rating

Tesla Inc.’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares rose by 3.1% Monday morning after Baird analysts reiterated their buy rating for the stock despite all the controversial drama surrounding the Company, according to CNBC.

After touring Tesla’s Fremont factory, Baird analyst Ben Kallo seemed optimistic about the electric car manufacturer.

“We recently toured the Fremont factory and came away incrementally positive” about the Company, Kallo wrote in a Monday note to clients, “Gigafactory 1 creates a significant barrier for competition and manufacturing capability should be a competitive advantage for TSLA over the long term. We believe TSLA’s Gigafactory enables the company to drive down costs through an industrialization of battery pack assembly and economies of scale.”

Kallo also reiterated his buy rating and raise his price target to USD 411.00.

Tesla shares were shaky last week on Friday after its Chief Accounting Officer Dave Morton resigned after just one month of joining the Company. It was also reported that Gaby Toledano, Tesla Chief People Officer also decided not to return after taking a leave of absence, which caused shares to slip by 7%.

Morton and Toledano’s resignations came shortly after Tesla’s Senior Engineer Doug Field and Vice President of Worldwide Services Ganesh Srivats also resigned in July.

Their resignation also follows the day after Tesla Chief Executive Officer appeared on Joe Rogan’s live podcast. The two discussed personal opinion on various matters and Musk’s Company while the latter smoked marijuana and the two drank whiskey.

Earlier in August, Musk had intentions to take Tesla private at the price of USD 420.00 per share, but later in the month, he ultimately decided not to. Throughout the month, analysts and investors were doubtful that Musk had secured funding to take Tesla private, despite him saying numerous times that he did.

Regardless of all the negative attention floating around Tesla, Kallo projects Tesla shares to go even higher.

“While negative headlines around management turnover and executive leadership could be an overhang, we are labeling TSLA a ‘Fresh Pick’ as we believe strong fundamentals should drive shares higher,” Kallo wrote.

Kallo continued to say in his note that improving margins and increasing Model 3 productions, more information about additional factories, possible introduction of future products, and “ramp of the gigafactory and additional Tesla Energy project announcements” will drive Tesla’s shares.

  1. Vincent Chiu 1 year ago

    On Sept 10th, the ??China National Passenger Vehicle Market Info Association released the latest information on the production and sales of EV. In August, sales of EVs were 84,000, an increase of 61.7% YoY. Looking forward to $TSLA China development in the future. #TeslaChina

  2. Tilman Winkler 1 year ago

    Can you please get your story straight, $TSLA shorts?! They don’t produce any cars, yet fill newly built lots with cars. There is no demand, forcing them to sell cars to walk-ins. Yet that sale of hundreds of Model 3s empties the lot in no time…

    • Michelle Gonzo 1 year ago

      Today’s $TSLA trades for the 2025 unsecured bonds sorted by price (high to low). The five highest (7 of 8 also) trades are all labeled C for Customer. I tend to think the customers get ripped off when they get filled and this does not look any different.

  3. Mike Ochoa 1 year ago

    $TSLA impressive! I hope they bid this dumpster fire back to 290 tomorrow

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