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Tesla Shorts are Burning

On Wednesday, one gentleman asked Elon Musk in Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) about “What would you say to someone who is shorting your stock?”. Then Elon Musk respond immediately “Probably unwise”. Shares of Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) increased 4% to $265.68 on Wednesday. All the shorts of Tesla seems burning.

According to Nola, introducing the Model 3 sedan – a far cheaper electric vehicle, aimed for broader consumption, than the Model S – Tesla saw a stunning 276,000 orders in just two days. Tesla aims to sell 500,000 electric vehicles per year by 2020 – an ambitious goal but one that, based on these numbers, doesn’t sound so unachievable. (That number presumably includes sales of all Tesla models, not just the new Model 3. Deliveries in 2015 were around 50,000 of all Tesla vehicles, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.)