Test the Taste, a Special Event for PKU Patients: Enjoying Food Thanks to APR Innovative Supplementation

APR Applied Pharma Research s.a (APR), the Swiss developer of science
driven and patent protected healthcare products, is pleased to share the
success of a special event, “Test the taste”, addressed to
Phenylketonuria (PKU) patients and organized with the purpose of
allowing them to test the company innovative Phenylalanine (Phe)-free
medical food for PKU management.

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Thumbs up from patients and families on APR’s innovative medical food for PKU (Photo: APR)

The initiative, promoted by the APMMC, the Italian patients association
of inherited metabolic diseases with the unconditioned support of APR,
aimed at gathering genuine feedbacks from PKU patients and their
families on the company innovative medical food palatability
in a friendly and relaxed setting – a Sunday lunch.

During the lunch, a well-known chef prepared, under medical supervision,
a full menu suitable for a PKU diet, made of four dishes – from
appetizer to dessert, each of them including APR Phe-free amino-acids
(AA) supplementation.

After each course, patients and caregivers, who did not receive any
information about the company innovation, were asked to assess the
supplemented food just enjoyed (under medical guidance) as per texture,
odor, taste and after-taste by filling out a
brief questionnaire. For a complete evaluation, appetizer was served
twice, with and without APR’s Phe-free AA mix, to allow the audience to
better grab the differences.

Responses from both patients and families are extremely positive:
no remarkable differences were reported in terms of odor and taste after
sampling the appetizer with or without the AA mix.

According to the guests, APR innovative Phe-free supplementation did
not affect the overall food taste and odor as the opinions
expressed on the dishes served mostly referred to either the flavor or
the texture of the ingredients regardless of the AA mix. The most
noticeable feedback is the one regarding the aftertaste of
the AA mix, which, as reported by PKU patients, could impact negatively
their food experience: APR Phe-free AA mixture was markedly

“At last thanks to APR’s new AA mix we have the chance to enjoy a
delicious lunch without worrying about odor, taste and aftertaste of the
supplementation.” said a patient who participated to the initiative “Food
palatability was really great and we are eager to test this innovative
AA mix a variety of recipes! We hope to find soon APR’s AA mix
available as it can help us as patients to achieve a lasting and
rewarding compliance to the compulsory dietary regimen”.

“As father of a PKU teenager and having gone through the troubles of a
strict long-life dietetic treatment, we are very proud to offer to
patients a new perspective of quality of life. Our dream is to make a
real difference for those who live and deal with PKU.” said Paolo
Galfetti, CEO of APR.

APR’s innovative and patented Physiomimic Technology® is able to
remarkably mask the naturally unpleasant taste and the odor of some
amino acids, offering a considerably palatable medical food,
which can be easily accepted by patients, thus supporting their
compliance and impacting positively their quality of life.

On the other side, as shown in a recent kinetic study, APR’s advanced
formulation of AAs, by providing amino acids in more
physiological manner (mimicking that of dietary proteins), has the
very encouraging potential of contributing to maintain Phe levels within
the recommended ranges, with less prominent fluctuations of Phe over
time, thanks to a prolonged release of AAs in the gut.

Further preclinical studies as well as clinical evidences are underway
to reinforce the scientific profile of the innovative medical food.

APR will present officially its new range of Phe-free medical food for
PKU dietary management, as well as new original scientific data, at the
next Annual Symposium of the SSIEM (Society for the Study of Inborn
Errors of Metabolism) on September 4th-7th in Athens, which will be the
occasion for attendees to get to know APR’s innovation and the patented
technology behind it.

About Phenylketonuria or PKU

Phenylketonuria or PKU is a rare, genetic, recessive metabolic disorder
affecting about 50.000 people worldwide. PKU is characterized by the
deficiency or the malfunctioning of a liver enzyme needed to process
phenylalanine (“Phe”), an essential amino acid found in most
protein-containing food. Excessive amounts of Phe in the bloodstream
become toxic to the brain, impairing the normal development of the
central nervous system. If not properly treated, PKU leads to severe,
non-recoverable mental retardation and major cognitive disabilities. PKU
can only be treated through a strict, life-long, low-protein (low-Phe)
dietetic treatment combined with a daily assumption of low-protein
modified foods and medical food, which provides Phe-free amino acids and
other important nutrients, needed due to the dietary restrictions of PKU

About APR Applied Pharma Research s.a.

APR is a Swiss, independent developer of science driven, patent
protected healthcare products. The Company identifies, develops and
licenses, value added products designed to address patient or consumer
needs in niche or rare therapeutic areas on a global basis. In
particular, APR’s business model is currently focused on two pillars:
(i) internally developed and financed (alone or together with
co-development partners) proprietary, value added products to be
licensed to healthcare companies for their commercialization, and (ii)
support to third party projects by offering added value R&D services
under contract and fee for service arrangements. APR has a balanced
pipeline of revenue generating branded products marketed in all major
markets, combined with a compelling pipeline of products at different
stages of development. APR has entered into licensing and partnership
agreements with pharmaceutical companies in over 70 countries, with
international sales on a worldwide basis.

For more information about Physiomimic™ Technology, please visit: www.apr.ch/apr-pharmaproducts/medical-prescription/genetic-metabolic-disease/

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