Texas Governor, Greg Abbot Suffers Serious Burns in Home Accident

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot suffered extensive burns in a home incident when he was vacationing with his family in Wyoming. According to reports, scalding hot water fell on the governor’s legs and feet causing extensive second and third degree burns. The accident occurred just before the deadly Dallas shooting incident in which 5 policemen died and 11 others were seriously injured.

The governor was coming back from the hospital after getting a dressing when he heard the news of the shooting. At that time, his staff was drafting a press release about the governor’s injuries and they were forced to defer it.

Governor asked to be taken to Dallas immediately when the news of the shooting came out

It is said that when the governor heard about the shooting, ht thought was to get back. The governor’s spokesman, Matt Hirsch said that soon after hearing about the shooting, the governor started making plans to get back to Dallas. Meanwhile, he ordered the lights at the governor’s mansion to be turned blue in solidarity with the victims of the shooting incident.

Doctors had advised the governor not to travel because the burns would have to be dressed regularly and there was a serious risk of infection. Even then, the governor was present at a 5 PM press conference with Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings.

The governor is wheelchair bound since a 1984 accident

The governor has been confined to a wheelchair ever since his spine injury in a tree fall incident during 1984, when he used to study law. He is paralyzed from the waist down but still has working pain receptors in his legs. This means he was in a lot of pain due to the scalding accident, notwithstanding his paralysis.

The governor was supposed to represent the Texas Republican delegation at the Republican convention which is going to be held in Cleveland from July 18th. He had endorsed the Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz for President but after his withdrawal from the contest, he has rallied behind Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee of the Republican party. However, owing to the accident, those plans may not materialize anymore.

The governor will be visiting burns specialists at the San Antonio’s Brooke Army Medical Center on Monday to see if he requires surgery. Doctors have advised him to restrict his movements for a week or two, until the burns heal a little.

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