Texas Primary Races

In Texas, the primary races are an exciting affair. The state, on March 6th, held the first statewide primary in the United States post-election. In Dallas, the County Democratic Party Chair race is lead by Carol Donovan, the incumbent candidate even after concerns were expressed about her leadership. This happened after the Republicans filed a lawsuit where they wanted to remove about 127 Democratic candidates. The latter's names are on the general election ballot. Donovan is ahead by 10 percentage points from Chris Hamilton, her contender and a lawyer by profession. Hamilton agrees that the GOP has filed a 'frivolous suit'. He said that the Republicans have got the opportunity to do this due to Donovan's loose approach to certifying candidate petitions.

Bexar County Republicans

Matters are heating up on the GOP side as well. Dwight Parscale continues to have a chance to become the next Republican Bexar County chairman. The area includes San Antonio. The Parscale family came into the national limelight when Trump tapped Brad Parscale, Dwight Parscale's son, to be his campaign manager for the 2020 elections. Until the late hours of March 6, Pascale was head to head with Jo Ann Ponce Gonzalez, the former agent of the US Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms department. Both of them have 21 percent of votes. There is a large possibility of both of them facing each other in a runoff. Robert Stovall, the outgoing chairman, has endorsed Parscale.

Bexar Democrats

The Democratic primary for district attorney elections in Bexar County has also drawn attention. Joe Gonzales triumphed over Nico LaHood. Both were once friends and former law partners. The former led by about 20 percentage points. LaHood said on March 6 that his successor, Gonzales, is going to begin at a much better position compared to what he started from. He alleged that voters were influenced by lies which were manufactured at a cost of one million dollars. He then conceded that the party has a system, and he lost as per the system. He added that he respects the voters' voice. The primary campaign was a vicious one. Both LaHood and Gonzales not only criticized the legal experience of the other but also standard human decency. Gonzales said that LaHood was like Donald Trump and LaHood alleged Gonzales was a lot like Harvey Weinstein. Gonzales said LaHood pretends to be liberal-minded, but actually a conservative and Islamophobic.

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