Texas Trade with Mexico may get affected under Donald Trump

Time has never been more important for the Texas legislature as they only meet for 140 days a year. During the 85th session, approximately 8,000 bills and resolutions have been registered and most of them won’t come to light because of neglect. International Trade and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee of the Texas House recently stated that it would take time to understand and raise awareness about the importance of international trade to Texas. 

The Counsel General of Mexico in Austin, Carlos González Gutiérrez stated that Texas has gained the most from the North American Free – Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The trade done with Mexico is worth 6% of Texas’s GDP while it is worth only 1.3% for the entire nation. 

Chris Wilson from the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute said that countless hours have been spent to create a joint manufacturing platform between Mexico and the United States.

Texans are wondering if Donald Trump has considered how the trade between Texas and Mexico would get affected by his policies. Majority of the Republican leaders from Texas have supported Donald Trump after he became the nominee for the party. Few leaders such as Ted Cruz, the junior senator, and Greg Abbott, the governor are the only ones who publicly spoke against Donald Trump. They also showcased their morality by fighting against the federal government during the Obama administration.

Trump’s proposals for ‘building a wall’ and ‘making Mexico pay for it’ may have been misunderstood by the Republican leaders. For anyone living in Texas, bringing these ideas into reality wouldn’t make sense because of the combination of both economies. Also, Texas is separated from Mexico by a river.

Trump signed an executive order which removed America from the Trans – Pacific Partnership. It's becoming harder for the business community of Texas to ignore the fact that Donald Trump might be serious about NAFTA. According to Trump, NAFTA is the word trade deal in the history of America. Texas is also worried about the possibility of Trump imposing an import tax on Mexico to build the wall.

Mr. Anchia asked the director of economic development, Mr. Bryan Daniel, whether the government has thought about how border adjustment tax will affect the bilateral relationship between Mexico and Texas. However, Daniel stated that the details of the proposal are vague at the moment. Anchia also said that he saw Fox New’s recent video where Abbott had publicly supported Donald Trump and how suspicious it looked.

A few days later, in a fund-raising dinner in Dallas, Donald Trump Jr complimented the support Texas gave to his father which was crucial for his win.

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