Thailand to Start Accepting Digital Food Payments

Thailand’s street food vendors have announced digital food payments through Quick Response (QR) barcodes using smartphones. Vendors in Bangkok are now offering digital transactions after the Bank of Thailand’s approval for five banks to implement electronic payment systems using these codes. Banks include Bangkok Bank and Siam Commercial Bank. This code system is more convenient and provides proof of transaction.

However, this payment system is still in the works as some shoppers prefer to use cash, mostly the older generation who find that the app is a hassle. QR code scams have also been common in China since digital payments are increasing. Thailand is working to ensure that this payment system is secure since customers between the ages of 20-30 are more inclined to use QR codes due to an increase in online shopping.

“Thailand is so behind on these things, so it’s nice we can say we have started to use cashless payments,” says Chaiwat Kanom Pansip, a fish curry puff vendor involved in the program. “But lots of people don’t know about them yet.”

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