The Best Medical Degrees in the Country

The Best Medical Degrees in the Country

Finding a medical school that’s right for you can be very difficult. There are costs, location, level of education on offer, etc., that contributes to whether one will work for your needs. I did a little digging around and found the best medical schools in the country for primary care (as opposed to research) so that you don’t have to.

1. University of Washington

Ranked the best college for primary care and joint 8th for research, the University of Washington is top of the pile. There are around 960 students enrolled and they will be paying $34,000 ($64,000 out-of-state) for the privilege, which compared to some colleges, is quite reasonable. The University of Washington divides its medical students into six different colleges all with cool names like Snake River and Big Ski, which means you can pretend you’re in an American version of Hogwarts.

2. University of North Carolina

Ranked 22nd for research, Chapel Hill has over 800 students paying $22,000 ($49,000 out-of-state). This college has many great opportunities for studying abroad which you should definitely make the most of as a once in a life-time event. The college is also known for its Medical Education Development Program which helps students who have a disadvantage financially, socially, and or academically.

3. University of California

This college, found in San Francisco, is also ranked 3rd for research. With 650 students this medical college is smaller and charges $33,000 ($45,000 out-of-state). The college gives students the opportunity to complete ‘rotations’ at the local university hospital sites as well as a few within the city. Due to the combination of the beaches and Californian nightlife, this is a great place to study.

4. University of Michigan

Whilst being 4th for primary care it’s joint 11th for research and boasts 700 students paying $32,000 ($51,000 out-of-state). You get thrown in at the deep end here in Michigan, with patient interaction starting in your very first month, which will continue throughout the four years.

5. University of Nebraska Medical Center

Although the 5th best for primary care, it ranks joint 63rd for research. A smaller university with only 500 students, but with one of the more expensive out-of-state costs at $71,000 ($28,000 in-state), they really encourage homegrown talent. The College is known for offering EMET (Enhanced Medical Education Tracks) for students to specialize in, with areas often including HIV and aging.

6. Oregon Health and Science University 

Another smaller college with only 550 paying $40,000 ($56,000 out-of-state), Oregon is ranked 31st for research, but is famous for its primary care. It especially deals with rural and family medicine and so is great for anyone wanting to work out in the country and help rural communities, instead of working for hot shot ER type hospitals.

The Online Extra

Online courses are growing in popularity of late, due to the fact you can do them part-time, whilst also working. You can get Public Health degrees online as well as Masters in Public Health, from The University of Arizona, for example. It’s all about finding the course and the university that best suits your situation. 

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