The Bible is not much different than the Quran in propagating medieval thought

Prank reveals Hypocrisy in the Stigma between Quran and Bible

Two Dutch pranksters- Alexander Spoor and Sacha Harland- have given the definitive proof that while people may be aware of Bible and Quran as the two holy books, a majority of them are unaware of what is written as content. Many conservative minded Christians push forward the argument that Quran is saturated with misogyny and barbarism. They forget about their won Bible containing a significantly large number of horrific verses.

The Harland and Spoor video uploaded to YouTube proved a mega hit. The video is simple enough: members on public were asked to air their views regarding a few “shocking” verses extracted from the Quran. The two have their own YouTube channel having the name Dit is Normaal.

Their video consists of them asking random people on streets to air their views on a few Bible verses. There is a twist, however, as the pranksters disguised the Christian holy book by giving it the name “The Holy Quran”.

Spoor and Harland asks through the screen that Muslims are accused of subscribing to a faith which has zero place in Western culture. Then they ask the same question about Christianity- a religion which has influenced Western Europe. After the video was posted into YouTube, it became a viral sensation and has already crossed two million views.

People are amazed by the verses they highlighted for the program. The two described those verses as the ones which have no place in western values and norms. In fact, the people who fell for their prank laughed when the two disclosed that the passages were actually taken from the Bible.

The concerned verses deal with obedience to God, homosexuality and the role of women. For the role of women in society, they highlighted a verse which exhorts the women to learn quietly and be complete submissive in their actions. When it comes to obeying God, the two highlighted the verse where God commands followers to obey him to the letter, and if they do not, they will be forced to consume the flesh of their offspring. The homosexual text read as in case two men had relations with each other, both must be killed.

The reactions to these passages were predictable. One passersby responded by saying that these teachings are going to adversely influence the manner people think. Another said that it is clearly an oppressive religion which forces the reader to believe what they themselves believe.

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