The Buzz Surrounding Blue Eagle Lithium Inc. (OTCQB: BEAG)

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  1. Akin Fadeyi 3 months ago

    I would like to know more about Blue Eagle progress in regards to progression in recovery of “Lithium.”

  2. Finley 2 months ago

    Demand for lithium metal is still increasing. That’s the key component for lithium-ion battery

    • Chris Soria 1 month ago

      Daimler had recently invested in increasing battery production within their factories, they definitely are pushing production due to increased demand

    • Nancy Freeman 1 month ago

      Electric vehicles have driven a new resource rush, particularly for lithium

      • Dirk Harbeck 4 weeks ago

        The market for lithium will remain tight through 2025 as producers struggle to ramp up production fast enough to meet demand

        • Paul Monica 3 weeks ago

          Lower cost lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathodes will continue to have a significant presence in the Chinese market, while Tesla-backed lithium #nickel #cobalt aluminium oxide (NCA) cathodes will attract interest from premium-segment manufacturers

        • Travis Morales 3 weeks ago

          consumption of #lithium will increase, which will support investments in mine expansions across Chile, Argentina, Australia, and Canada.

      • Justin Pulitzer 4 weeks ago

        Is the market overestimating potential new #lithium supply? I’m concerned concerned about lithium shortages by 2023 and 2024

    • Tyson Schols 4 weeks ago

      lithium demand is expected to see double-digit growth out to 2025 attempts to minimize the amount of cobalt in batteries are running into technical problems

    • Dirk Harbeck 2 weeks ago

      #Lithium – the underlying market and demand grow much faster than anyone of us has dreamed of. Boom years for the industry ahead!

  3. Robert Henderson 2 months ago

    The #electricvehicle market just got a big push with the world’s biggest furniture seller @IKEAUSA committing with 25 other organisations to rolling out a #battery-powered, zero emissions future. #lithium #cobalt. But will the cost of the lithium batteries increase due to the increased demand?

    • Silvia Grey 1 month ago

      I wonder if these #EV Companies will venture into the delivery market? Uber Eats by Autonomous vehicle

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