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UMG Online is an eSports website, a  next-generation gaming experience. With origins as a LAN event provider, the company set to branch out into the online gaming world. We are your source for daily tournaments and ladders, offered on multiple games across various platforms.



UMG was founded in 2012 and is well established in the esports industry with approximately 2M registered users and in excess of 17,200,000 matches played live and online through its platform.

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Play head-to-head on your favorite games and earn real money with each victory.


Take on multiple opponents in a round-by-round competitions with cash prizes on the line.


Competitive games with thousands of dollars in end-of-season prizing up for grabs.

  • Friday Fortnite, our most successful influencer series ever. Huge names like Faze Clan and MrBeast have become involved and offered up title sponsorships in the past.
  • During our first three weeks the biggest names on Twitch, YouTube, and more competed for $10,000 in prizing, while we gave away another $10,000 to our stream viewers. We also garnered over 18,000,000+ live views including all streams.
  • In week 2 alone, Ninja, Pewdiepie, and Ceeday all pulled 1M+ live views on three different platforms.
  • UMG has teamed up with Keemstar to host a brand new series in the world of Minecraft. Players from all across Twitch and YouTube will compete on our fully-customizable Minecraft server for up to $10,000 in prizing.
  • This series has also spawned a public “Minecraft Monday” server, ran by the original Hungry Games server team. The server boasts over 71,000 players, and will act as the location for all of the series qualifiers. 
  • UMG Events began hosting an invite-only Gears of War series where the biggest teams in the Gears scene, including Reciprocity, Syn, Rise Nation, and more will battle it out for $500 in prizing each week.
  • Brackets fill easily each week as more and more Gears players are starting to choose the UMG site as the place to place tournaments, wager matches, and more.




“Our goal is to provide thousands in the Gears community with a weekly event to give the community a great piece of competitive content to watch and enjoy ahead of the Gears of War 5 release this September.”





  • UMG began hosting weekly Call of Duty Black Ops 4 events. These will be free to enter,
    Activision-sanctioned events for any team that wishes to sign up.
  • Over the course of this series both pro and amateur Call of Duty teams will battle it out
    online for $2,500 in prizing each week.
  • This series is in part an effort to provide a unique and fresh tournament series to a title that historically been one of our most popular on the site.



130M + Social and Visual Media Followers


40M + Social and Visual Media Followers


6.3M + Social and Visual Media Followers


11M + Social and Visual Media Followers


3.4M + Social and Visual Media Followers


6.7M + Social and Visual Media Followers


4.2M + Social and Visual Media Followers


4.4M + Social and Visual Media Followers



Across all social media channels


Since June 1st 2019


Since June
1st 2019


Since June
1st 2019



Since June
1st 2019


Since June 1st 2019

Recent Developments

July 29, 2019 - FORTNITE WORLD CUP Dominated by UMG Series Competitors


UMG Media Ltd. (TSX-V: ESPT) Legends were made and champions were crowned this weekend in New York City at the Fortnite World Cup. With over $30,000,000USD awarded to players in the Solos, Duos, Creative and Pro/AM World Championships, countless lives were changed from a few flights on Fortnite’s Battle Bus.

Out of the four world championship events, all four were won by players of UMG’s Friday Fortnite. Bugha, a 16-year old reigning from Pennsylvania just won the most recent Friday Fortnite on July 19, 2019 and went on to win $3,000,000USD and claim the title of Fortnite World Champion. Aquaa took home $1,500,000USD in the duos championship. Friday Fortnite regulars, Cizzorz and Airwaks won the Creative World Championship and Pro/AM at the World Cup respectively. Countless other Friday Fortnite competitors finished top ten in the world taking home a combined $9,287,500.

UMG’s CEO, Dave Antony had this to say regarding UMG series players performance at the World Cup:

“I want to congratulate everyone who participated in the Fortnite World Cup on their achievements and give a special shoutout to the four newly crowned world champions who participate in UMG’s broadcast events, along with all other UMG players at the event. Everyone at UMG loves the game, the competitions and most importantly the players and community. We look forward to kicking off more Fortnite initiatives through the remainder of 2019 to give more players a platform to kickoff their competitive gaming careers.”

UMG has increased their Fortnite offerings in the recent months to meet the demand set forth by the competitive gaming community for their competitions. Since 2019 started, UMG has had over 110,000 Fortnite tournament signups. Between the gaming platform and their initiatives on the influencer side, UMG is in a unique situation to capture a large percent of the Fortnite market.

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July 24, 2019 - Keemstar Partners with UMG to Host Influencer Series

UMG Media Ltd. (TSX-V: ESPT) (“UMG” or the “Corporation“) and Keemstar, as they have brought back the largest influencer series ever, Friday Fortnite. Millions of viewers each week tune in to watch the UMG casters cover the world’s most popular streamers and pro players as they face off in teams of two to claim the top prize. Names like Ninja, DrDisRespect, TimTheTatMan, and more have shown support of the series by participating. The series has attracted sponsors like GFuel, HyperX, Pink City, and more bringing in over US$150,000 in sponsorship revenue over the course of six weeks. The series has had more than 30,000,000 live views when combining all the streams that are highlighted. UMG’s own Twitch channel,, has been averaging almost 20,000 concurrent viewers.

With the success of Friday Fortnite, Keemstar and UMG have recently expanded to another one of the hottest games in the world, Minecraft. Like Friday Fortnite, influencers compete against one another each week for prizing, but this time there’s a twist: Minecraft Monday features multiple game modes, requiring influencers to perform well in many different situations. Chaos ensues, and it makes for a great viewing experience. The Monday series has had more than 10,000,000 live views when combining all the streams that are highlighted. UMG’s own Twitch channel,, has been averaging approximately 3,000 concurrent viewers. Unlike UMG’s other series, Minecraft Monday has not only a private server for these matches, but a public server where thousands can join in and play the same game modes and maps that they see in the series. UMG also has the advantage of being able to add sponsor branding inside the game itself, consequently, exposure for our sponsors not only goes to our stream viewers, but to the participant’s streams as well.

Keemstar and UMG are continuing to pave new roads in the gaming and entertainment industries, and the future is looking bright with further expansion of the UMG Network. The UMG website is booming with 1,300,000 users, and over 14,0000,000 sessions in the last three months. Week after week, hundreds of thousands of viewers return to watch their favorite players, interact on the UMG site, participate in giveaways, and chat with their friends as they watch the action. UMG will continue to push forward and innovate in the space, and Keemstar’ s popularity and following will only continue to grow. Together, we will continue to bring the very best content to our viewers and fans.

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July 19, 2019 - UMG Media Ltd. Provides Corporate Update

UMG Media Ltd. (TSX-V: ESPT) (“UMG” or the “Corporation“) is pleased to provide an update on its operations. The Corporation announces that it will commence trading on the TSX Venture Exchange today, July 19, 2019, under the trading ‎symbol ESPT. UMG is also pleased to provide an update on its operations.

UMG continues to expand its esports original content business. Through its distribution channels UMG continues to expand its user base. UMG produces and distributes the following on going series at its studio in St Louis:

Minecraft Mondays
Emergence Days – Gears of Wars
Keemstar Fridays
Call of Duty Weekly Rumble

With notable streamers such as Ninja, NICKMERCS, PewDiePie,and DrLupo, UMG is proud to announce that they have generated in excess of20,000,000 live views on their platforms of its broadcasts.

UMG’s user base continues to grow, in the second quarter of 2019 the registered user base has increased by 70,000 to over 2,200,000. The increased user base has added to the daily tournaments played through the UMG network. Over 18,000,000 matches have now been played through the UMG platform. The matches include daily tournaments, season ladders and individual cash matches. The majority of the matches played on the site are cash based. From these matches well over $3,000,000 in prizes have been paid out.

UMG is also excited about a number of the upcoming and recently completed live events. UMG has plans to broadcast a portion of the weekly Keemstar Friday Series live from various locations in the United States including Las Vegas.

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  1. Daniel Rubin 1 month ago

    interesting, didn’t know they were going to trade publicly, I occasionally tune in for some gears of war streams.

  2. Nathan Michaud 1 month ago

    the way live streams go is a stronger focus on esports as the market for it continues to grow, many games already attract audiences larger then most professional sports.

    • Alvin Patrelli 1 month ago

      At the end of the day its just a question if esports can drive real media revenues like sports licensing fees (a la Twitch $90m USD for OWL) in a competitive market, or it will be relegated to placing content free and attaching brands to it.

      • Connie Liu 1 month ago

        Underage eSports Gambling may lead to Stringent Government Regulations

      • Samantha Barrios 1 month ago

        easy, they even have Esports summer camps now to train potential players or “athletes”

      • Saeed Boothe 4 weeks ago

        It definitely can because there a gamers and sit at home kids/adults that love playing games online and get pretty darn good at it.

        • Joyce Makadew 4 days ago

          do you believe the notion that #Fortnite promotes #gunviolence? I believe that is a huge misconception as the nation continues to struggle on whether or not to regulate guns

      • David Moadel 4 weeks ago

        Esports is a major market. Especially amongst younger kids. The prize pools are beginning to rival prizes in big sports tournaments

      • Raul Macias 3 weeks ago

        The free market has spoken. Viewership is insane. Prize pools are growing. Legit brands are involved. It’s happening one way or another. The Esports industry will rival secondary sports in global revenue

  3. Paul Monica 1 month ago

    I remember when pro-gaming was just a dream for kids at home, now it can become a reality with just a great personality or great skill at the game

    • Chanel Diaz 3 weeks ago

      Would you agree that Fortnite reigns supreme in this market? I don’t follow gaming closely these days but I would assume a game like Fortnite has significant lock-in on star gamers. Even pro athletes play it on their downtime and stream.

  4. Nick Kovacevich 1 month ago

    These competitions are becoming more and more popular, my friends spend a ton on in game “skins”

  5. Brandon Kruger 4 weeks ago

    the fortnite world cup pisses me off tbh. its stupid how some 16 year old just made enough money to never have to work in his life by winning 1 tournament. meanwhile other esports scenes most guys cant even make enough to support their families after playing their whole lives.

  6. Danny Torres 3 weeks ago

    The F2P games are making a killing because millions download it and play but they don’t realize the more they like the game the higher chance that they will purchase in-game goodies to make their characters look differently or get an edge against competitors

    • Craig Dubowsky 3 weeks ago

      Fortnite has raised the bar for esports competition. It’s time for brands and marketers to take it to the next level.

      • Will Harris 2 weeks ago

        Fortnite is to esports as American football is to traditional sports. Dumb and angry and toxic af. But also insanely profitable and addicting.

  7. Randy Frederick 3 weeks ago

    If Esports were this big when I was a kid, I’d be a multi-millionaire, how lucky these kids are now!!!

    • Kaelynn Morris 2 weeks ago

      We need blue collar esports pros. We have the massive prizes for annual tournaments in DotA, Fortnite, etc. We need to create local small businesses and communities that fosters a profitable infrastructure for aspiring professionals to take their passions full-time.

      • James Hull 2 weeks ago

        As #esports continues to grow in popularity — and revenue-generating power — it’s critical for games and gamers to stay true to their audiences, and that will color how brand partnerships are formed. Fortnite’s World Cup was unprecedented.

        • Derek Riedel 1 week ago

          yes, if it hasn’t happened already, I anticipate there will be mobile competitions on the phone as well.

        • Angel Marquez 1 week ago

          imo as long as they give to the players a huge amount of $$$, having at the same time that huge views on all streaming platforms, fortnite will always be a huge esports

          • Erik Gudenas 2 days ago

            The money in Esports is focused on viewership, whether its online or at specialized events, there is a huge following just for viewing, not even playing….

        • Henry Santana 5 days ago

          Idk much about the eSports/ Competitive Fortnite scene but how the fuck is @nyhrox still a free agent after 2 weeks on the market… The man literally won the World Cup and would be the highest earning player on most rosters..

  8. Dirk Hausseker 1 week ago

    Kellogg’s shifts sports-related ad spending to Esports. Big corporations are finally stepping in to invest

  9. Ross Gerber 3 days ago

    would like to see $ESPT stable above $.25 for the remainder of this month, if it falls below I may add a few more.

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