The Continued Buzz Surrounding Optec International, Inc. (OTC: OPTI) | Financial Buzz

The Continued Buzz Surrounding Optec International, Inc. (OTC: OPTI)


OPTEC International, Inc., with locations in Carlsbad and Vista, California, is providing green technologies for continued global reduction of fossil fuel usage, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to pollution, there is now a global need for increased sanitization and disinfection for the safety of the world’s population. OPTEC develops, manufactures and distributes electronic LED, (Ultraviolet) UV-C & UV safety products and related chemical-free technologies, and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) products. 

Investor Recap:


In March 2021 WeShield became a wholly-owned subsidiary of OPTEC International.


  • 99% effective protection from all pathogens.
  • The active ingredient NBELYAX® of only 2 Nanometers is the most advanced antimicrobial system in the world.
  • Programmed biocatalyst to eliminate all types of pathogenic micro-organisms that, unlike common disinfectants and antiseptics, do not harm the user in any way. 

Solar Red Lighting

This solar powered LED floodlight features innovative SMART all night capability. It is retrofit for 250-400W MH bulbs and does not require any electricity source. It is low-glare and projects very minimal light pollution compared to competitors. It also features a lithium ion battery system, motion detector and photocell unit and is fully programmable with intelligent power management.


  • Inhibits Bacteria and Viruses
  • Removes Dust
  • Deodorizes
  • Effectively kills 99.99% of virus, bacteria, germs and other organic pollutants

Temp Scanner Outdoor

  • Waterproof
  • Anti-fog
  • Anti-hard LIGHT


Eliminating the use of harmful chemicals such as bleach, ozone and ammonia, the iWand provides an effective, proven, non-toxic cleaning solution that protects people from harmful bacteria and ultimately prevent illnesses
and diseases. The portable UV-C LED disinfection device equipped with aviation aluminum, military-grade hardening treatment that kills 99.99% of bacteria.


September 9, 2021 - OPTEC INTERNATIONAL Signs LOI for Acquisition of Established Medical Supply Company to Localize Same Day Deliveries

OPTEC International, Inc. (OTC PINK:OPTI) today announced the company has executed an LOI (Letter of Intent) for the acquisition of a West Coast, established medical supply company with over 25 years of operations in the medical supply industry. The company has also recently expanded supplies in the PPE sector in addition to the mainline medical supplies used across the world.

The company has also established purchasing agreements with US and overseas manufacturers in the medical sector. Annual revenues are currently approximately in the region of $10M, with significant possibilities for growth.

The long-term goal is to establish localized medical supply distribution centers, that can provide service to small and large clients with same day and next day deliveries. The company believes there is a huge demand and opportunity in the same day/next day deliveries that is currently underserved, similar to how Amazon created several years ago to service the retail industry.


The terms of the acquisition will be announced upon completion of the definitive agreement at the request of the seller. Closing of the transaction is expected to finalize in October 2021, or sooner if possible.

The addition of this medical supply company in addition to OPTEC’s current subsidiaries adds growth and purchasing power to the company’s expanding operations and at the same time adding noticeable additional annual revenue to the consolidated financials of OPTEC International.

OPTEC further today announced the appointment of a new in-house Social Media director based at the company’s new Park Center, Location in Vista, California.

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August 30, 2021 - Optec International's GPO, WeShield Together, Officially Launches With $2 Million in Sales in First Two Weeks From 32 Vendors

 OPTEC International, Inc. (OTC PINK:OPTI) announced the company announced the official launch of a new group purchasing division via their newly acquired, wholly owned subsidiary, WeShield, called “WeShield Together.” Since starting at the beginning of August, the group has transacted with 32 outside commodity based sales organizations and brokers who have retained WeShield as their purchasing wing to help drive down rising costs on globally stressed goods from overwhelmed supply chains in the wake of the global pandemic. The group expects to grow into other commodities in the near future.

The first two weeks of its launch netted over $2 million in sales via PPE & medical supplies. The Delta Variant’s surge is driving the higher than expected sales. Optec is eyeing the Lambda and Omega variants and securing additional supply partners to keep up with the increased demand.

WeShield CEO Michael Sinensky commented, “WeShield continues to successfully establish itself as a leader in the PPE and medical supply space. After being named the 53rd fastest growing company in the nation by Inc.5000, we have seen an increase in inquiries from commodity based sales companies and brokers to join ‘WeShield Together’ to help protect their purchases in light of rising fraud due to the Delta variant surge. In addition, we are collectively all saving money with our combined purchasing power, which will go straight to the bottom line.”

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August 23, 2021 - OPTEC Ramps Up Operations as New Surge in Pandemic Numbers Sweep Across the Country

OPTEC International today announced the company is expanding the company’s Z2O awareness for the new launches in Miami and San Diego, closely followed by expanded operations in other major cities across the country along with the recent growth of We Shield and Optec distributions.

After the recent successful pilot launch of Z2O in Austin Texas, the demand for the Z2O “Uber App of “on-demand: cleaning & Sanitization services are increasing noticeably. The company has recently employed more administrative personnel to accommodate the growth at the new OPTEC Global Headquarters located at 1385 Park Center Drive, Vista, California.

1385 Park Center Dr, Vista, CA for sale IMG_5719- Image 1 of 1
1385 Park Center Dr, Vista, CA for sale IMG_5719- Image 1 of 1

The New Pandemic strain is having a major impact in the disinfectant industry. The increasing demand for sanitizers and disinfectants as a preventive measure against the pandemic has resulted in changing the dynamic of the market. The products are flying off the racks as they are being stockpiled, and manufacturers have started production in large quantities to meet the requirements of the consumers. The demand has surged exponentially, and the market will face a steady demand even when the impact of the pandemic has been reduced.

U.S. Professional Cleaning Services Market Segmentation
This research report includes a detailed segmentation by service type, end-user, operations, geography. Disinfectants, which also include pandemic solutions, witnessed a sudden demand in 2020. The increased awareness of contagious diseases is likely is to drive the growth of the disinfectant segment during the forecast period. Powered by automated solutions such as artificial intelligence window cleaners, window, and façade cleaning services are expected to generate incremental revenue of approx. $4 billion by the end of the forecast period.

OPTEC-Z2O recently successfully certified 2 OPTEC-Z2O staff members for certification of Servpro approved training and final certification in HazMat material clean-up and disposal in light of the company’s expansion programs who will also be housed at the new OPTEC Park Center location in the Z2O wing of the facility.

Z2O is targeting the Real Estate & AIRBNB industries as frequent cleaning and sanitization is a requirement between both industries on a regular basis. The ability to use the Z2O on-demand App for local service providers becomes almost a necessity.

U.S. Professional Cleaning Services Market Segmentation
This research report includes a detailed segmentation by service type, end-user, operations, geography. Disinfectants, which also include current & previous pandemic strain solutions, witnessed a sudden demand in 2020. The increased awareness of contagious diseases is likely is to drive the growth of the disinfectant segment during the forecast period. Powered by automated solutions such as artificial intelligence window cleaners, window, and façade cleaning services are expected to generate incremental revenue of approx. $4 billion by the end of the forecast period.

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August 16, 2021 - Optec International and Its Subsidiary, Weshield, See Over 100% Increase in PPE Orders Over Previous Month Due to Delta Variant

As the United States and the rest of the world deal with the surge of infections of Covid-19 due to the highly contagious Delta Variant, companies with a heavy focus on PPE and medical supplies are seeing significant sales volume increases. Optec International (OTC PINK:OPTI) and its wholly-owned MedTech company, WeShield, have seen orders from clients up over 100% month over month due to a heavy increase in demand.

The two companies combined now having approximately 20 orders averaging roughly $20,000 per order on any given business day. But during August, that has more than doubled and is expected to get even busier in the fall and winter entering into 2022. Both companies are also keeping a close eye on the Lambda Variant. Early reports show the South American mutation is infecting patients faster than the Delta Variant, but many epidemiologists’ more prominent concern is Lambda’s ability to infect more vaccinated patients.

OPTEC CEO Roger Pawson commented, “We are concerned at the supply chain stress level that we are witnessing in the medical community in the United States and abroad as Delta ravages the global community. With our recent acquisition of WeShield, we expect to keep up with demand to satisfy client orders as quickly as possible. We also believe we will need to replenish our inventory in September & October based on the increased demand. We expect this jump to translate to noticeable spikes in revenues, but we also see this becoming the norm from now on.”


WeShield CEO Michael Sinensky commented, “The Covid-19 virus continues to learn how to bypass everything we throw at it, and this is resulting in continuous unexpected surges in infections and hospitalizations. The pandemic is causing everyday citizens to put massive stress on the global supply chain of PPE and medical supplies, which was only set up for health and industrial sectors. But when every person in the world requires it, which you see because of this pandemic, you will have a significant demand spike and supply shortage. This fall will see prices of PPE skyrocket as supply runs out quickly, so please stock up now for the long haul.”

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August 12, 2021 - Optec International's Z2O Division Hires Additional Adminstrative Staff At Company's Headquarters For San Diego & Miami Launches

OPTEC International, Inc. (OTC Ticker:OPTI) today announced the company’s Z2O division now based at the new OPTEC Vista Headquarters, hired 3 new additional full time administrative staff to accommodate the San Diego and Miami launch of the Z2O program along with additional administrative support for the expanding Austin territory. Z2O’s project manager forecast’s additional personal hiring during the new few months to support the launch and future growth of additional territories across the USA.

Z2O is planning on launching a minimum of 10 additional locations before the end of the year with an additional 20+ locations in 2022.

· Both Z2O and OPTEC management are confident that now is a perfect time to launch these new locations as the conditions of the world are changing. The goal is to provide these essential services to communities and at the same offer employment opportunities in the locations being launched.


Furthermore, launching these new Z2O locations can provide tremendous support to schools re-opening nationwide.

· Z2O has recently been approached by real estate organizations to support the new sales of properties, pre-listings, pre-open market showings, post-closing and for the rental division., The post vacating cleaning and pre-occupancy cleaning has become an expanding industry where Z2O can provide immense support, especially with the rapidly increasing spread of the new strain of the pandemic.

Relative Links: The CDC has in depth information about cleaning and disinfecting.

Greece Wildfires Update:

As previously announced in the past few weeks, Z2O is also launching in other countries. The software team has been working diligently to finalize the Greek version of the software in anticipation of opening in Greece as soon as possible as part of the agreement with Rafina Innovations (VICA) to be prepared for major assistance with the massive clean-up operations both during and after the wildfires devastation in all regions of Greece.

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August 9, 2021 - OPTEC INTERNATIONAL Engages Certified Public Accountants DBB McKennon To Perform 2019 & 2020 Company Audits

 OPTEC International, Inc. (OTC PINK:OPTI) today announced the engagement of DBB McKennon as the company’s Certified Public Accountants to conduct the 2019 & 2020 Company Financial Audits.

As a well-established and respected “PCAOB” Certified Public Accounting firm, OPTEC management engaged the services of DBB McKennon’s Rancho Bernardo, CA location, easily commutable within 30 minutes of OPTEC’s new Vista, CA Headquarters. This should add ease of access to Inventory reconciliation and access to company records.

The object of the audit of financial statements is the auditor’s expression of an opinion on the financial statements to ensure the content is fairly presented.

OPTEC’s CEO Roger Pawson commented, “Upon completion of a satisfactory Audit for the periods 2019 & 2020, the company can be reinstated to OTC QB reporting, and thereafter upon meeting the specific criteria, apply to uplist to the Nasdaq exchange.”

For Full Release:

July 29, 2021 - OPTEC International Acquires Controlling Interest of Rafina Innovations

OPTEC International, Inc. (OTC Ticker:OPTI) today announced the acquisition of controlling interest in one of the company’s Mediterranean distributors, Rafina Innovations (OTC Ticker:VICA) as part of OPTEC’s commitment for Global Expansion.

Rafina has been focused on research and development of advanced medical technologies solutions resulting in the issuance of a number of patents relative to the medical sector in preparation for manufacturing and distribution. Rafina recently acquired C-Pharm Ltd as a wholly owned subsidiary to expand operations into the pharmaceutical sector in the Greek & Cyprus territories. C-Pharm published revenues in excess of $1.7M for the quarter ending 3-31-2021.

C-Pharm Ltd is an established pharmaceutical medicine manufacturer for the shipping industry, providing medicines to a number of large Mediterranean based shipping lines for Cruise Ships, Cargo, Container and Ocean-Going Tanker vessels with offices in Athens and Cyprus.


OPTEC’s expansion with Rafina and C-Pharm Ltd is a pathway for expansion to work with large shipping companies around the world and this collaboration will provide many new opportunities for all 3 entities to expand sales and revenues by introducing each divisions products to the consortium of customers.

The acquisition comprised of OPTEC acquiring controlling interest of Rafina by way of exchanging Rafina’s Preferred shares in exchange for exclusive licensing rights for Greece, Cyprus and surrounding Countries use of the OPTEC subsidiary Z2O technology.

The Z2O technology is a much-needed service for the pandemic-stricken regions, who have been severely impacted for their main industries of Tourism and Cruise line business, having been shut down for over 14 months The use of the Z2O services in these regions is expected to quickly help re-open safely many facilities impacted by the shutdown.

As part of the expanded launch of Rafina’s new proprietary product line the company will be shortly changing the name to OPTEC MED, and launching a new website introducing the advanced technology medical and healthcare products soon to be available globally.

Mr. Constantinos Zertalis, outgoing CEO of Rafina Innovation, stated, “For Optec International, Inc. the addition of Rafina Innovations Inc., to its portfolio, provides a major growth opportunity for both businesses through a comprehensive service offering for our clients and shareholders. As the two organizations begin their transition to be a truly global enterprise from Rafina’s businesses and technologies to Optec’s products, services, and leadership, Rafina’s shareholders should be thrilled as both companies are preparing for this exciting journey of success.”

OPTEC management is confident this collaboration will generate additional market strength, profits and shareholder value for OPTEC while simultaneously adding additional strength to OPTEC’s management team.

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