The Fate of the Affordable Care Act remains unknown

For Americans who have been wondering what will happen to the health care coverage, the question continues to remain unanswered. In fact, the White House has not even been able to give an assurance that those already insured will continue to get similar coverage in the future, even if the plan changes. One of the biggest concerns that Americans have at present is the healthcare coverage and this question looms larger in face of the reports that healthcare costs are all set to increase at a faster pace in the coming years.

Millions can potentially lose health coverage

According to a consulting firm that has explained to governors what the implications of replacing the Affordable Care Act could be, millions of Americans could lose their entire health coverage, if indeed the repeal happens. The firm has cautioned that those covered under the Medicaid expansion may be abruptly losing their health insurance for affordability reasons, if the current program is repealed. This comes as sharp contrast to the President’s promise to bring in ‘insurance for everybody’, in an interaction as late as in January.

The most recent cause for concern

The President’s firm stance on repeal has caused a lot of ambiguity and fear about the future of healthcare. It was part of his poll promises to repeal the Obamacare healthcare program and usher in plans that would improve access to healthcare. However, until now, there has been no clarity on exactly what form President Trump’s policy will take and this has resulted in a lot of anxiety about coverage.

In recent times, these fears have been exacerbated further by the Republicans’ stance on promising ‘access’ to health care rather than healthcare coverage itself. In effect, this is being interpreted as many Americans as a diplomatic way of saying that those who can afford healthcare will be given all tools to access suitable programs. This leaves those with limited finances worried and confused about their fate.

The media interaction that Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House deputy press secretary had last week with ABC only served to deepen these concerns after she failed to give concrete commitment that those with insurance would not have to lose it under any new plans proposed by President Trump. Sanders only promised that Obamacare would be replaced with ‘something better’ and declined to give any clear picture on how the policy would be better or whether or not current beneficiaries can expect a continuation of their coverage.

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