The First Network of Fully Self-Driving Taxis launched its First Test

NuTonomy is the first company that is responsible for implementing a self-driving taxi system that is now operational in Singapore and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The company lunch its first test in a Singaporean business district, and has been chosen to become a partner of the Singaporean government to develop the technology and implement it.  

During the test, people will be able to use the service of one of the six driverless NuTonomy cars on the streets, which are using a sensory and self-driving technology. According to NuTonomy, the innovative company plans to possess a fleet of at least 1,000 vehicles in Singapore by 2018.

The purpose of the test is to collect data regarding the efficacy and safety of the technology. The company also hopes to collect positive feedback from the users regarding the cars and app. 

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