The Latest “Beehind the Buzz” Show: Featuring AREV Nutrition (CSE: AREV) Chairman Mike Withrow’s latest Beehind the Buzz: Chairman and Director of AREV Nutrition Sciences Inc., Mike Withrow

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Mr. Withrow is a successful natural products and technology entrepreneur with over 25 years in public markets. His international trade and regulatory experience has been essential to the companies he has structured.

AREV Nutrition Sciences Inc. (CSE: AREV), produces and delivers functional ingredients from its world-class extraction system. AREV is revolutionizing the current delivery method of coconut oil, whey protein and nutrients through emulsification. These premium ingredients and products are targeted for the natural health, medical, functional food, nutraceutical, sport nutrition and bioceutical markets. AREV is also working with Pharmacy and Dispensary operators with an innovative emulsified base formula to disperse Cannabis oil extracts from specific selected genetic Cannabis strains that address 5 areas of health including Anxiety, Pain management, Insomnia, Central Nervous System Disorders & Sexuality.

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  1. John Reznick 7 months ago

    my nephew has an anxiety disorder that interferes with his sleep/ Treating it through cannabis has been calming and fun at the same time for him.

    • Mora Cerna 7 months ago

      I find that taking it orally through consumption rather than smoking adheres better effects and takes the stress off the lungs

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