The Mess this Election Has Become

Hillary Clinton says that Donald Trump is responsible for releasing the Republican Party’s radical fringe. She says that the latter will make the US a hateful place. The rise of Trump has only emboldened the likes of white supremacists and anti-Semites, which was always present as a minority in the GOP. 

Trump and immigration

Trump, in response, has hit back. He had roundly rejected all of Clinton’s slights and loudly defended his hard knuckled stance on immigration. At the same time, the real estate billionaire has tried to make himself appealing to minority voters- the segment the Democratic Party gets its votes from. He said to the latter that Clinton’s Democratic Party has abandoned them. These accusations and counter-accusations are important as both Clinton and Trump wooed the minority voter and the undecided ones to get the ballots in their favor. For Trump, he clearly knows that there is an urgent need for a new image to get the votes of those critical about his caliber as a presidential candidate.

Trump, prior to Clinton ending a speech in Nevada-a swing state- sent out a Tweet saying that the former Secretary of State  is pandering to the dregs of society. He also added that she must be ashamed of her actions.

Trump down

For Clinton, she really enjoys Trump’s dropping poll numbers, specially among the moderate Republican women who hated their party nominee’s controversial campaign. She asked voters not to be fooled by Trump’s efforts and added that Trump is fully engaged in making the hate groups rebranded ones to make them more palatable for the common voter.

Trump understands Hillary’s campaign strategy and had his response pat before hand. He said that Clinton will accuse his campaign- and the many decent Americans he claims support him- of being racists. He warned her that spreading lies about himself only brings shame to the liar. Trump also tried to entangle the Democratic Party candidate in the many accusations leveled against her. These includes the list of donations made to The Clinton Foundation. Also in question was Clinton’s deletion of mails from the private email servers. He accused her of being a liar and terming thousands of American  as racists. Trump then went to defend the contentious portion of his presidential candidate campaign.

Clinton, in response, did not answer to Trump’s accusations concerning her family in her remarks.She forcefully denouded the real estate billionare campaign.

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