The Race for Commander in Chief Heats Up

Everyone is waiting expectantly to know what the outcome of the elections are going to be. According to a variety of polls, Hillary Clinton is leading to be the next Commander in Chief of the United States of America. Many of the polls also state that Donald Trump is not lagging behind and may just surprise everyone. Both candidates and their teams are doing their very best in getting their messages out there. In the state of Arizona and North Carolina, it looks like it is going to be in favor of the Democrats. Many celebrities endorsing Clinton are going door to door to woo the voter to do the right thing. Trump is in no way leaving things to chance, he too with his team of experts have a great strategy in place and are encouraging the Republican vote bank to set the tone for change.

Some of the 37 states have opened up about their list of both voters but the final tally will take place on Election Day. In Florida, both teams are neck-to-neck with each other with Donald Trump being the hot favorite. By encouraging ardent Republicans to get out there so that they do not leave things to chance, Trump is using his key card. Nevada saw a bend towards Hillary Clinton with the Democratic Party being the frontrunner in the run up to the final day. Las Vegas also has a huge Democrat following proving that this is their turf. Illegal immigration has been on the rise in America and Trump has been on this, in his speeches, from the very beginning. Many of his followers have upped the ante in this score with a firm number of Latino’s backing his stance.

This election, unlike many others in the past, has brought with it two highly celebrated individuals who have tipped the scales in a variety of ways. Using a method that may just tilt in his favor is the underdog strategy used by Trump that gives every single one an opportunity to get out there and do their bit. According to some of the details put out there – Hillary is a clear hit in the regions of Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Donald leads in Georgia, Ohio, Missouri and Iowa. Of course, when you look at the big picture, there is a cut down in the middle. With both being favorites we have to wait it out, until Election Day when the numbers are put out there to give us the next President of the United States of America.

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