The Routing Company Launches On-Demand Ride-Hailing Public Transit

The Routing Company Launches On-Demand Ride-Hailing Public Transit

The routing company, an on-demand vehicle routing management platform, is set to release apps that will bring on-demand ride-hailing to public transit. CEO James Cox, former head of product operations at Uber, is leading the company that has developed software to recognize where riders want to be picked up and how to organize them into a shared bus or shuttle efficiently.

Other companies’ carpool-style services like Lyft Line and Uber Pool only allow a couple of riders into a driver’s vehicle. Meanwhile, The Routing Company can hail a ride for up to 18 people into a bus or shuttle, with the vehicles being able to pick up passengers in 2 to 12 minutes from the time they order their ride.

People are able to be picked up at a desired location, rather than having to walk to a stop on an established route.

Cox revealed that he partly started the company as a means to aid environmental issues that are not going to be solved by replacing gas and diesel cars with electric vehicles. Aside from his time at Uber, Cox also worked as a product leader at EV startup Canoo.

“Battery electric buses are good for the world – they’re a net benefit,” the CEO said. “But buying them doesn’t solve the problem of twenty to forty percent of buses driving around with low utilization or even empty. You need multiple solutions to get to lower or zero carbon emissions.”

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