The UK Government Must Correct Brexit Talks

About two-thirds of the UK population believe that the UK is bungling its Brexit talks. They are now less confident about how the government is handling its talks compared to how London was doing it six months back. Downing Street has, in fact, angered a number of businesses by its attempt to collect support for the approach made by the British Government. A media house has decried the government's efforts to forcefully make others support its policies.

Multiple issues remain

One factor of this unease has been verbalized by Antonio Tajani. The latter is the European Parliament's President. He told a media house that it was his opinion that insufficient progress has been made on the divorce bill issues. Other points of contention include the divorce bill's legacy issues and security linked with Good Friday Agreement. The elephant in the room is the presence of about three million people settled in the UK from the European Union zone. All these issues must be resolved if talks are to progress onto the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the countries making up the Euro Zone. A total of 27 European countries make up the EU.

The EU, as per media sources, is so much frustrated with the commission that they are compelled to publish their own paper set. They may ask the UK for clarity, specifically on the problem of the Irish border. The problem is that it is hard to take a decision on the border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland until it is clear of what exactly the regulatory barriers between the European Union and the United Kingdom will finally be. In case the UK continues to be a paying and an active participant in security, EU programs, and research, the divorce bill will be affected as well.

Delay and morals

Even though the Brexit is one of the toughest challenges being faced by the UK, the tasks being done in Downing Street right now involves making the separation from the EU for the time being. This is being done to enable Theresa May to create a superficial structure for domestic programs. It is clear that she wants to be known for other things than steering the UK out of the EU. When it comes to the question of the millions of EU citizens living in the UK, it would be in the UK's economic, moral, and political interest to accommodate them.

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