The US-Mexico Wall Subject of California Suing Trump


Xavier Becerra, the Attorney General of California, plans to push California to a legal confrontation with the Trump administration. The state will soon announce a lawsuit which will challenge the president's proposal to construct a US-Mexico border wall. Attorney General Becerra has described the scheme as medieval. He is all set to travel to the Border Field State Park to announce the lawsuit being filed in the federal court over the construction of a number of border wall projects taking place in a number of Imperial counties, including San Diego.

Federal government breaking own laws

As per the state lawsuit, the Trump administration has completely failed to comply with state and federal environmental laws. It relied on the federal statutes which do not authorize proposed projects. As per the brief, the government violated the separation-of-powers doctrine of the US constitution by giving Executive Branch all power to waive the local laws and also the state laws. These include the state criminal law.

The lawsuit includes as plaintiff the California Coastal Commission. The latter states its aims as protecting the residents, economic interests, natural resources, sovereignty from violations, and procedural rights from violations of the United States Constitution. It will also protect from any contravention of federal law. It is apparent that the wall will inhibit tourism to the United States from its southern neighbor Mexico.

Environmental damage

The lawsuit says that the walls were decided to be built in an arbitrary decision taken by the Department of Homeland Security without the compliance of National Environmental Policy Act and Clean Water Act. Due to this, it has been alleged in the lawsuit, the federal government does not have proper environmental analysis resulting from the impact of the wall's 400-foot prototypes as presently planned. The final wall, slated to be about 2,000 miles long, is also not environmentally assessed.

Attorney General Becerra of the Democratic Party has criticized the wall for a lot of months now. In April, during his interview to the media, he said that he is trying to understand who thinks that the wall can be a solution to all problems. The wall, according to him, is a medieval solution. It will fail to fix the already scarred broken American immigration system. He has also accused President Trump on going back on his promise of making Mexico provide funds for constructing this wall. Becerra said that the US taxpayers side with Mexico on this one. None of them wants anyone-whether US citizens or the Government of Mexico-to pay for the wall.

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